Sunday, December 13, 2015

The key word is FOCUS

I'm not sure what has happened, but I find that my ability to focus has become much more fine tuned these days. I think I have mentioned this before, but let's face it - some tasks are downright boring.  You want to take a break - your brain is screaming - "STOP THE INSANITY - take a break before I turn to mush! " Come on - most of us have been there.  Well that happens to me sometimes when I'm quilting.  I'm so close to being finished and not that I'm bored because I do some of my best thinking when I'm quilting, but I just want a break.

Well not so these days.  Nope - even though my brain says - take a break. Well the bad side of my brain says that, but the good side says NO - take a break in 15 minutes when you are finished.

"NO - don't take a break yet" - "YES take a break now!!!"
I'm sure it must be related to the short attention span that we all seem to be victims of these days. No wonder our kids are suffering.

And before I get into what I've doing - here's an interesting thought.  As I move into the Modern Quilt World - oh yes - I'm becoming a Modern Quilter!!!!  Just wait for that.  But I was chatting to someone about modern quilts and this was a thought provoking statement that came from that conversation.  Does the modern quilting style offer the same therapeutic benefits as traditional quilting?  Think about it - modern quilting is all about cut it up, rip it up, sew it together, who cares about matching. Leave big open spaces.  Whereas traditional quilting is all about repetition, cutting up little pieces, and accuracy.  There is a lot of therapy and comfort in the traditional style - plus those quilts take way longer to make so we're not off to the next project. OK - some of us are off to the next project, but not because we finished the other one.  Hmmm - that could be a bad thing!

Anyway - something to contemplate.   Did modern quilting come about because of the short attention span of the younger generation like the Millennials.

The more that I am getting done, the more I am feeling free!!!!   Trust me - I have taken very good care of this precious found time.  I've done loads of quilting, spent great quality time with Little Sammy and Lexi, did a smidgen of shopping and well - overall - I'm quite happy.  I still have TWO whole days of ME time and while I'm working on something, my brain is planning the most efficient way/time to keep working depending on where I'll be.  I try to plan one or two days at the most ahead. I've no kids to bother me, no cooking or cleaning to waste my time on - I'm FOCUSED.

I had a bunch of small projects that needed to be quilted. And now they are done and ready for pickup.

Table runner for a customer - DONE

Two wall hangings for a customer - DONE

Customer table runner - DONE

One more tablerunner for the customer - DONE

And the last tablerunner for the customer - DONE

That is nice to get those done.  I still have a few more quilts to get quilted before Christmas and I'm working as hard as I can to get them all done.  I have visions of one customer quilt max per week in the new year and the rest of the time will be for me!!!!!   I'm so excited - I can hardly wait.  The big thing for me is to learn to schedule the quilts appropriately.  I'm all for saying YES - but don't set the proper expectations and that cuts into my creative time.

I just received an e-mail to an invitational quilt show in June (Quilt Canada) and I know the EXACT quilt that I would like to put in that show.  It is designed (by me) but not started.  I think it would be fabulous to get it done.   That means - I must FOCUS FOCUS on that because as I have designed it - it will take a LONG time to construct.  Trying to think of different ways to make that happen.   Some experimentation is in order.

Let's see - I've done more than just quilt those runners.  Oh yes - in addition to those quilts that need to be quilted - I still have a few that have to be made and DONE by Christmas.  Yes - we won't go there.   Anyway - I thought I had a picture of this one comlete, but nope - didn't take a picture. Let's just say that the last border is on and it looks awesome.  The backing is also made  - it's ready to load on the long arm the moment I hit the PUBLISH button on this post. Oh yes - there's a story behind this quilt  - but you'll have to wait for it.

Customer quilt - partially complete

On that note - I've another busy day all scheduled out and tomorrow is pretty much scheduled as well.  Yep - tomorrow is my last vacation day and I'm taking advantage of every single minute.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Hey .. Just wanted to share my thoughts on modern vs traditional quilting. I think that modern quilters want to have more open spaces to use to showoff larger quilt designs in as opposed to traditional quilts. I have to say that modern quilts can be traditional but with fabric or color changes to freshen up the look of the finished quilt to make it bright and colorful. Remember, most traditional quilts are made with darker and more subtle colors because many of them were made by recycling clothing way back in the years.
    I also was wondering if you had photos of the reveal party for the Amish with a Twist 2?? I'm so sorry I had to miss it and have been waiting impatiently to see photos of the others... :)
    Have an awesome day
    -genny <-- is focusing on working well with my new pup -- Paddy.

    1. Hi Genny --- so glad to hear you are having fun with Paddy!!!! I have finally edited the pictures for Amish and hope to put them up tomorrow. Yes - Modern Quilting is a LOT of things and very hard to exactly pin point what makes a modern quilt - well - a modern quilt! Watch the blog because I'm working with a bunch of modern quilt designers and there are going to be some spectacular stuff!!!! Have fun with Paddy - do you have a picture???