Thursday, December 17, 2015


Have you ever been the victim of bullying?   What exactly is bullying anyway???

Here is an interesting link about bullying in the workplace...................

Wow - did you read that???  I guess that is what happens when kids who are bullys grow up to become bullys.

I think it is safe to say that we have all been victims of bullying at some point in our life - well most (but not all) of us.  The Jack Reacher book that I finally finished last night - the ENTIRE story was based on what happens to the kid bully who grows up to be an adult.  WOW!!!!!

I would just like to say that if you are a victim of ANY KIND of bullying.  Document, document, document.  Go to your HR, talk to your manager, find an ally at work, push back - but don't let it continue.  If you do - you have no one to blame but yourself if the situation doesn't get better.  Many times we think it is just us who has the problem, but go back and read that definition - maybe it isn't!!!!!

I sure wish I had known about that stuff as a kid and would have had the guts to talk about it with someone. But not being bullied now so that's not an issue, but trust me  - while I've had issues when I was a kid - I've seen adult bullying up close and personal - bullying. It isn't pretty!!!!   The biggest thing is at what point do you realize that person X is a bully.  Maybe they just had a bad day or days.  I certainly like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but after a while - you begin to see a pattern and then - well - it's time for action.

Finishing that book just brought back a bunch of memories!!!!!   DON'T be a victim!!!!

On a more positive note - here we go with what's been happening in the studio.

Wait a minute - I just want to make sure that you have that spot/room in your house that you are going to tackle in the new year????   Got a list of things that can be easily dealt with?????   Not only do I have one for me - but I have a spot for my dear M who will be home for the holidays!!!!   Not going to be hard to do - but going to make a huge difference!!!!   I know she is thinking - oh great - what does my Mom want me to do?????

I don't know why I even bother to post these pictures any more - the situation never gets better.  Oh yes - it improves for a day or two and then POOF - all the stuff is back out.  I don't even bother to put it away  - well I only put it away if someone was coming and there is no time for that at this moment!!!!


and piles of stuff!!!!
 Gosh - I bought stuff (yes - quilting stuff) when I was out in Saskatchewan in the summer that still hasn't been put away.  Now that is bad.  What am I going to do about it????   Well - I have this little blue bucket - every day - I've been filling it with stuff that is laying around.
Bucket filled with stuff
 The goal is to empty the bucket each day.  Now that hasn't happened, but I do try to put a couple of things away every day.  The biggest problem is that my head is saying - oh that project won't take long - just two borders to add.  While that in itself isn't a problem - it's the fact that I have MANY projects like that. That's the problem!

Now the bucket is empty
 Once this urgent stuff is done for Christmas which is mere days away but we won't go there! - then I'm going to use that intense level of focus that seems to have developed and get to work on some of the other stuff that is sitting around.    I feel pumped and I can't wait!!!!!

Notice I haven't even talked about my shelf as I usually do around this time of year.  My brain is so fuddled with other things - I'm formulated ideas in my head and will be getting stuff organized after Christmas.

This is the customer quilt that I got done the other night.

Customer quilt - DONE
 The stack is slowly decreasing - I have TWO more quilts that need to be quilted for customers before Christmas.  But I also have FOUR quilts that need to be made from scratch (well not quite from scratch - a lot of  prep work has been done!) and one to bind, but I could delay two of those and I may just have to!!!!

I do have some days booked off (like today!!!)   and I'm working my heart out!!!!   Bottom line - because I'm working and have less time - I think I'm enjoying the quilting process so much more.  Weird!

As I was prepping the next quilt to go on the long arm this morning - I needed to give the quilt a quick press as it had been sitting here for a while.   Oh oh!!!!   Look - that seam was badly sewn and there is a hole.  Fix or not fix????   Customer has been very patient - I fixed it at no charge!

Hole in the piecing

I just wanted to show you the pressing.  I did NOT fix the pressing  - just made sure there were no wrinkles in the top.  But this drives me crazy.   Now if the customer is happy with it - great - it's their quilt.  But this doesn't have to be the back of your quilt top.

Ooopsy on the pressing!!!!!

The backing is minky.  Customer didn't want to piece it so I get the pleasure - yes - I'm charging for that!!  Had to measure and cut - I didn't bother to match up the design, but I did match the nap!!!!   Let's face it - if the seams on top don't match - why should I take the time to match the design on the back????   I think in general, we spend way too much time fussing about things that aren't important!!!!

Minky for the back!!!!!

Design NOT matched - but nap is matched!

Serged seams!!!!

Got a plan for today - hoping to stick to it and I'll hopefully be much further ahead by tomorrow morning. I was hoping to take three days in total off this week, but that didn't happen because of a meeting and Christmas lunch.  But there is the weekend which is totally free - I mean TOTALLY - WOW.   And there are still four more days next week before Christmas and I can more or less pick and choose when and how many of those days I need.  I am truly blessed!!!!!   NOT good with time management however.  

On that note - I'm out of here.

Have an awesome day -  it's going to be an awesome day!!!!!!!


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