Saturday, February 20, 2016


Another amazing day at QUILTCON 2016.

I wanted to get to the convention center early so down early for breakfast where because of my colorful tote bag - I was asked if I was a quilter?  Yep - so I had breakfast with Katie from Austin who was here to take classes.  Then another quilter sat down at the next table and that was Jeni Baker  who apparently has a famous rabbit named George because yet another quilter sat down and recognized her and mentioned the rabbit.  I haven't had a chance to check out Jeni's website - but here is the link if you want to. AHA - now I know who she is.  I see she just published a book - The Half Square Triangle which has intrigued me but I've not actually looked at it.  Now I will.
The Half Square Triangle by Jeni Baker

There you go - met someone new.  Everyone is super friendly around here.  That's quilters for you!!!

Then I was off to the convention center and arrived before 8 AM.   I wanted to finish getting pictures of those charity challenges but the room was being used for YOGA!!!

Had the entire place to myself

I decided to tackle the show floor and get pictures of ideas from other booths.  And since I was the only person on the floor for at least a half hour or was that close to one hour? - I got clear shots of everything that I wanted.   I haven't even looked at the quilts yet and apparently the quilts that are beside us are about 1/3 of the quilts on display.   So yes - I will be back early again this morning to have a look.  

While all the quilts are beautiful, some of them are so clever and I think that is the beauty of the modern quilt for me.  I love the clever ones. Some are so minimalistic that I think "why bother?", but that is the beauty of modern. Everything goes!!!!

I have also managed to meet more of the designers who made quilts for our booth and it is such fun to hear the stories behind why they made them and why they quilted them the way they did.  I love it!

Yesterday was also an exciting day because it was PANEL discussion day.  I was lucky enough to sit on one of the panels.  The topic was Getting and Staying Creative. Keeping the Mojo Burning. The panel moderator was Anne Sullivan and you need to check out her QDAD on her website.  I'm in love with that project.   My panel mates were Jennifer Sampou who is a sweetheart and I remember one of her jungle prints from years ago.  Check out her blog (that link above) and you can download the handout that Jennifer and I collaborated on. The third panelist was Anna Maria Horner .

I could have felt intimidated by these ladies - all of them have a significance presence in the fabric world - fabric designers, successful business owners.  Wow! But you know what - I know my stuff and I have to say that I think I represented my ideas and my thoughts extremely well.  I had many many people come to the booth or stop me during the day to say that they liked what I had to say.  Well, that just made my day!. After the presentation, I chatted to a couple of ladies who had traveled from New Zealand or were they from Australia?  I can't remember and then I chatted with the owner of one of the quilt shops in Amsterdam! And I've been to her store. Birdblocks Patchwork and Quilt shop.   

And as if that wasn't enough, I spotted Alex Anderson early in the day, or was that the day before?
Alex Anderson

And I had a chat with Jenny Doan from Missouri Star.

Jenny Doan - Missouri Star

 Missouri Star designs some of the die cuts for Sizzix.  I spotted a die in the booth that might convince me to use a die cut machine.  Want to know what it is????    Check out this link.   That would be the HEXAGON!!!!    Apparently Sizzix is the same company that makes those big die cut machines for schools.   I won't pay the price for one just for the hexagon template, but I could use my Brother Scan n Cut that I already have.  Ah - one day when I have time!!!!

Vanessa Williams (The Crafty Gemini) is doing our demos for us and I help her get set up and take down since it is easier with two people. 

The show got really quiet in the afternoon but that was OK - lots of time to strategize about next year. I have to say that when I did a walkabout in the morning - looking for things to spend my money on - I didn't find a whole lot. I could buy patterns, but really - what is the point.  I just make my own up and YES  - another day of comments and lots of picture taking of my green quilt.   I did buy one thing and it cost me $5 plus tax.  Something to do with hexagons which I probably didn't need to spend, but the shop owner spent a lot of time telling me about it - I felt obligated to buy it.  It will be most useful and I would likely have forgotten all her hints anyway.   Now I have it.  A new class!!!!   As if I have time to teach!   Don't get me wrong - there is lots of fabric and lots of stuff - I might break down and buy something today!

We went out for dinner again - this time Italian.  I was just happy with a nice bowl of soup.  I find the evenings are chilly and I just want to stay warm and  rested.  Actually I came back to my room after the show and tried to not fall asleep and then I got a phone call - they were waiting in the lobby for me.   ACK!!!!   But I'm well rested today and today is supposed to be busy since it is Saturday.  

Here are the sample quilts of our Chip Pack Challenge. The designers were given 5 - five-inch squares and some background.  They all look fabulous!!!!

Chip Pack Challenge samples.

I had best get myself organized for the day.  

Have a great day!!!



  1. Now I know who you are - I am looking up blogs about QuiltCon as a way of reliving that wonderful experience. I was in the audience for that panel and it was good to be able to hear and understand what all of you were saying and yes you more than held your own and were very inspirational! Mary in UK who found some of the earlier less experienced speakers were too quick and gabbly!

    1. Hi Mary - oh - I so want to go back and relive QUILTCON. After the fact, I've met so many people! So glad you enjoyed the presentation. I, myself, was very inspired by it. Do you belong to a MQG in the UK???