Friday, February 26, 2016

QUILTCON aftermath!

I had time yesterday to sort my QUILTCON pictures, but only as far as those that I need for a meeting today.  The others, I haven't had a chance to edit yet, but let's hope for the weekend.

I thought you would be interested in a few links to QUILTCON interviews and videos that are pretty interesting.

The first three are from the LA Times. Nice to see some good press.

Story Number One - May 31, 2014

Story Number Two - January 23, 2016

Story Number Three - February 20, 2016

That last story brings up a good argument. The same way that women back in the war time used their quilts to support local causes, modern quilters are also using their quilts to make statements. Now I want to do a quilt for a "cause", but I have no idea what I'm adamant about!  I just know that I like the quilts with words on them.

Oh yes - have a look at this next link.  Since we were the top sponsor, we are FIRST.  And can you believe how short I look in that picture!!!!

Link to us in our booth

I am way behind in getting my update about QUILTCON on my blog.  Here is another excellent link and some great photos of the quilts.

And within the blog post above, there is a link that leads to a woman who was running around with a video camera.  Here is the link directly to her web site.   She has several videos about QUILTCON and I'm in one of them at the awards ceremony. Can you spot me????  Not hard to miss since I'm on stage!

Here is another editorial by Jennifer Moore.   I love her!!!

Well that is enough about QUILTCON, except for my thing on quilting.  You will be SHOCKED when you see what I have to post.

I almost managed to get the second block of my new project done - yes TWO of them as I'm making two quilts at once.  There were a LOT of fiddly pieces in this block and I think it is the worse one so that's awesome!

We're already fast into the planning stage for Spring Quilt Market which takes place in Salt Lake City in May. Oh my goodness - I have a Schoolhouse presentation to prepare and I'm super excited about it. I have so many ideas going through my head that I woke up very very early this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. Then I needed to find a book for one of my projects.  I searched my entire library TWICE and for those that know me - that library is HUGE.  I didn't find the book I wanted - it is an old book, but I did find five other books that I will be needing this weekend so that search is done!!!!

Serioulsy - I love my job.  I think every day I love it more. Surrounded by all the fabrics, the designing, the contacts in the industry and the fact that we are ordering fabric for Spring Quilt Market and you get asked "how many/much of each panel/fabric would you like for your presentation?"   Now that is hard to beat!!!!

The ideas are coming so fast and furious, I may need TWO or THREE sewers to keep up with it all.   Just kidding - I'm just going to have to work smarter. Because OH YES - I can do it all in my LifeTime.  God - I'm so dillusional!!!!  I must have fallen and hit my head.

On that note - I'm off to work.  New rule - try to get ONE HOUR of sewing in per day.  Let's see how I manage.

Have a super duper awesome day!


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