Sunday, February 21, 2016

QUILTCON - Day Three

Another exciting day at QUILTCON.  The attendance at this show is a first for me.  Usually, the attendance on the first day is the highest and then each day gets progressively slower.  Not QUILTCON.  The first day was busy, second day not so much and the third day (Saturday) was crazy.  I'm guessing today will be quite slow. That is what the masses told me - and that is what happened.

Had breakfast with Katie again - so nice to discuss the show with quilters, not my co-workers.  They don't discuss quilt things since they are not quilters - which is why I skipped dinner with them and went out with Keri from Keri Designs.   She's had a fabulous career and I've met her before at Quilt Market and we got to know each other a little better last night over dinner. Now that I see her Hawaiin patterns, I'm certain that I have one or two of them in my pattern stash!

Back to the show early to check out the quilts in the hall where the vendors are located.  I arrived at 8 AM and since no one else is around, I was able to spend some very leisurely time checking out the quilts. There are so many incredible quilts that it's hard to pick a favourite. But I know which one is my favourite and will post it tomorrow.  I need more pictures of it.
Quilt by Debbie Grifka

Since orange is my color, it was hard not to take a picture of that one.

Quilts by Rebecca Burnett and Jeannie Jenkins

Both of these designers are from the Toronto MQG.   Nice to see their quilts side by side.

Once we got a bit of a lull, I managed to zip over to the other hall and saw most of the rest of the quilts.  I'm a bit quilted out at the moment, but will zip back over today to see the rest of them.

I definitely saw trends.   The drunkards path block was used a LOT.  I did take pictures with my big camera and will try to post some of those when I'm back.  Don't want to be posting quilts without credit so will try to capture that information today.  Oh yes - I can do that this morning.  The other trend that I saw was the quilting.  STRAIGHT lines or matchstick quilting is EVERYWHERE.

And I was over the moon again today as people stopped to take pictures of my quilt.  Now don't get me wrong, they are also taking pictures of the other quilts in our booth, but I've had a lot of feedback about that quilt and everyone LOVES it.  They love the design, they love the color and it is bright and happy!  Can't wait to get it back home and in my office!

I also had many people come up to me (including industry professionals) and say how much they enjoyed me on the panel discussion.  That is pretty exciting and well - that is just the confidence booster needed for my next step.  I've got a series of videos to host and now I'm pysched to move ahead with them the moment we are back.  The prep work is going to be huge, but it can be done!

I did buy a pattern yesterday - it's so very cute.  Called My Cozy Village by Felicia T. Brenoe.

My Cozy Village by Felicia T. Brenoe

I think I might buy some of those neutral backgrounds today and perhaps that giraffe pattern if I can remember. With a warehouse and a stash room both full of fabric, I don't really need to bring anything home.  But I do want to try something with those "busy" neutrals.

I was a tad ticked off yesterday.  I had purchased a data plan for while I was away so I could post pictures and things during the day. I got a text message early in the morning saying that I had reached 80% and then shortly thereafter another one to say that I was maxed out. What?????    I checked the data useage and it appears that the QUILTCON app went crazy and literally sucked up all that data. The funny thing - I wasn't even using the app!!!!   It also killed the battery on my phone - well just for the day until I could charge it again.  I immediately deleted the app - before the battery died.  Then I find out that they have had free WI-FI in the hall all the time.  Yes there is signage, but there is ONE sign and it's not by the entrance door!  Oh well - live and learn!

My biggest task when I get home is to tidy up this blog.  Got to be more professional looking (according to my child!).  And I agree - I have some changes to do.  I wish I could just wake up one day and it would all be done - that is not my strength - as you know me and technology!

And I have to say that it was nice to get to bed early last night.  It's not that I'm tired, but my feet and legs are tired and so nice to just chill out.  As I was coming back from dinner with Keri, the others were waiting in the lobby just going out.  Oh yes - I was jumping up and down with joy!  I guess I'm too old to be a party animal anymore.  No - just damn practical!!!!!

On that note, I'm out of here to get pictures (and credits) of the trends!

Have an awesome day!


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