Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Wow - the date is fast approaching.  Our initial deadline to have the crate leave was this past Monday morning, meaning everything had to be packed by Friday. Our shipping people found that the crate didn't technically have to leave until Thursday this week.  That scares me a bit - that's not a lot of time, but TRUST - it's all about trust.

Speaking of trust - as we were pulling down the metal structure which has been set up in the warehouse for months so we could test how things would be displayed, there is a certain level of trust when you pull that structure down.  I was the receiver to catch the big part (well supported by my team mates - that's the trust part) and they didn't let me down!!!!   Thankfully!!!

All the quilts that are coming to our offices are IN.  There are still a number of quilts that will arrive at our hotel next week - ACK - next week!  And then a couple will be delivered right to the booth!  Nothing like having a few extra minutes to sew on that binding!  None of the quilts are big - they are 50 by 60 which and seems very small.

Now - I know - you are asking me how I'm doing???   Well my FIVE projects for the booth are DONE and they are sitting outside my office and there isn't a single person that goes by that doesn't want to play with them.  Need I say more??????   They aren't small as at one point during the day yesterday, I came back to my office to find my door barricaded with the projects!!!   Wait until you see the pictures - they are pretty awesome!   (and I have to make more with different fabrics!!!)

That was nice to go CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK in the book!!!!

Now what about that quilt????  As I mentioned - it was quilted on the weekend and you know life doesn't get much better when the marketing people stop by your office and ask if you could please put the binding on the quilt so they can take pictures!   I'll hop right to it!!!

The binding on my quilt
The Monday group - well the early ones, got to see the quilt as I had to trim it and cut the binding.  Now the binding is on and about one foot left to hand stitch.  I COULD NOT bring myself to put it on by machine.  If you are coming to QuiltCon - you MUST stop by the Northcott booth - Number 616.  Why???   Well first off - we have fabulously fun stuff and we have PRIZES - loads and loads of prizes.  And each day, we'll be giving away a KIT for one of these quilts - the one that I designed and made.  Yes - that means I still have to cut the kits today and write up the pattern.   As long as the kits are cut and put on the crate today, the pattern can come in the suitcase. Stil handstitching the sleeve and the label to do today.

Although, here is another good thery.  If I were to take this quilt or the kits in my suitcase, there would be a hole in that suitcase for the return trip.   Hmmmmm - I wonder if I could find anything to fill that hole with????   Quilt show????   US cash sitting in the bank????  You tell me!   (not that I need anything and certainly don't need fabric!)

I'm still working on my smaller piece - the challenge.  Oh yes - we have a challenge to entice people with as well and it's pretty fun!!!!   We had several designers make us a couple of challenges and well they are fun.   It won't take long to finish that piece and worse case - I'll be stitching the binding down on the plane!

If you want to check out more sneak peeks of the other quilts and the challenges, get over to Northcott's Facebook page.

As if that isn't enough excitement, check out this blog post.  I think I mentioned that I was going to be on one of the panels.  Well it's going to be exciting.  Someone checked a while back as to how many people were attending the panel - last count over 300!!!!!      That means, I'm on the list of "teachers" for Quiltcon - my picture is on the app and well - I'm pumped!!!!   I know - it doesn't take much to get me excited!!!!

And most of the classes are full which we can't attend, but well - can you tell I'm super stoked over this whole quilt show?????

Wow - I think that covers all the Quiltcon updates.  If you are coming to QuiltCon - please please stop by Northcott booth number 616.  Introduce yourself - we'll get selfies and it's going to be awesome.  If you can't come - I would imagine that you can follow along on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,  etc.    You can bet that these pictures will be plastered all over the internet.

On that note - I'm out of here.  Got another incredibly crazy day and some fabulous news that will have to wait until tomorrow!!!!

Have a super super day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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