Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Farm Girl Vintage

Good morning - nothing like an awesome spin class to get the day started even if the weather is crappy outside!  The traffic and the roads were decent. Of course, I cheated and took the toll highway all the way in.  On bad weather days, I don't mess with the other highways.

 I must have been fast asleep when I drove this morning because I almost got on the highway instead of continuing on the overpass to get to the gym and then instead of exiting one stop early to stop for breakfast at TIm's, I kept going on the highway and had to circle back. I was away for one week and my routine is messed up!

I have much more to tell you about QUILTCON, but the pictures need to be edited. 

Here is the show n tell from our most recent Farm Girl Vintage class.  It's such a fun project and we are all over the map on this one.   I am assigning blocks, but everyone is going to make their own quilt so that will be interesting. 

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Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt

Here are all the blocks that were shown this past class.  They look awesome. 

Farm Girl Vintage blocks

Let's have a closer look at them. I won't remember everyone's names, but let's see how I do!

Liz is going to make 12-inch blocks

Vjera has a fruit theme on the left. (4 more names - can't remember whose is whose!)
It was a good exercise to see some of the blocks made in 12 inches and some in 6 inches.   And why not mix and match some of the blocks?

Linda (top left)  and Beth  (big blocks)  (two more names - not sure whose is whose!)

I'd like to single out one person because they made three blocks. While this is not normally an exceptional deal - these are LINDA's blocks.  Linda has had a bit of a dry spell and so nice to see her back at the sewing machine.   Her goal for this class is to completely finish ONE BLOCK - quilted and bound!!!!!   I don't care which one - but ONE - that's all I ask Linda!!!!

Linda's blocks
Notice that she even fussy cut some of the pieces. It wouldn't be Linda if she didn't try to up the ante with the homework!!!!

Then we had other non-Farm Girl Vintage show n tell.

Genny with her paper pieced top - it's beautifully put together

Liz and her Misty Pines - DONE!!!!!
It really is a gorgeous quilt!  I must get to work on mine.  Oh yes - in another lifetime!   NO - I need that Misty Pines done as I'm putting together a trunk show of quilts that I made/designed with Northcott fabrics.  I hope to have it ready by the end of this year.  Hmmmmm - I have ONE quilt.  I had better start sewing - FAST!!!!

And since we are on the Farm theme - Liz brought in some FARM fabrics that she didn't want.  And it appeared that despite the fact that we are working on a FARM themed (sort of) quilt, there weren't too many takers for the fabric.  I do have an idea of what to do with some of it.  I must get something designed with that and the rest gets donated!!!!

Farm themed (well mostly chickens) fabric

And if that isn't enough farm stuff for you, look what Susan saved for me.   I'm not going to remember the name of the beer that this came from, but Bob was going to throw the caps away and Susan rushed to save them for me.  I LOVE them. I think they came from Beau's Brewing but I can't verify that at the moment. It might be the Lug-Head.

Tractor beer caps

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a great day!!!!


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  1. Hey Elaine... I missed class last weekend but e-mailed you. Can you get back to me?? Thanks! By the way -- My set are the bottom three starting with the one that has a black polkadot window pane.