Thursday, February 4, 2016

Doing the happy dance!!!!!

We've all had them - a day where NOTHING goes right. And it's usually those kind of days that everyone talks about.  But what about turning the tables and talking about the days where EVERYTHING goes right.

Yesterday was such a day!!!!  I have to confess that I was so pumped up from yesterday that I woke up very early this morning with visions of fabric collections running through my head. HELP ME!!!!

Let's back up a minute.   I had a super spin class yesterday morning.  There is NOTHING like those endorphins to awaken your spirit, your energy and your joie de vie.  OK - so this is going to be sappy!

Then off to the steam room - that is my reward for working out.  I just love the solitude - there is NOTHING but steam and heat. A quick shower - who needs to waste time on primping hair and makeup - life is too damn short for that!   Another confession - I'm so excited to get to work that I jump in the car and race to work. I know - that is sad!  Well - not if you are a quilter and work for a fabric company.  Nope - race to work sounds good to me!!!!   I'll have to tell you about my commute one day.  I've got it down to a science and it's not that bad.

OH OH OH - I stopped by Tim's to get my breakfast and OH - it's Roll up the Rim.  I know - it's just sad that I can get excited about something so silly.  My god - I will never grow up and I'm OK with that. Thank goodness I've switched to tea from the hot chocolate - I could be a rolly polly by now!  Especially with the desk job.  

Roll up the rim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need one of those desks with the bicycle attached to make my lap top run.   Hmmmm - how much do they cost??????   I could go whole hog and get this..............

Regular bike on a trainer (got one of those) and a high desk
Or what about this...............

Mini pedal thing!
Got to check that out because I need to do something!!!!

Although the day was mostly consumed by meetings - it was a super productive and super fun day! Why?  Well - at last we're winding down the prep for Quiltcon.  The crate will be prepped tomorrow and I'm getting tired of the prep - I want to be there!  While we were meeting, I was doing hand stitching.  Now you got to love that - being able to hand stitch at work in a meeting and no one looks at your like you're a freak!

TWO projects got completed yesterday during the meetings and that alone is enough to make my day, but it didn't stop there.  As we finished up the meeting for the next consumer show - Quiltcon - it was time to meet about the next trade show which is in Salt Lake City in May.

On top of that - the new collections are being assembled and we got some sneak peeks. I'm super excited about several of them in particular and if I told you - well I'd have to kill you and then I'd get fired so we all have to wait.  But here is the cool thing - I get to play with the digital "fabric" today!!!!!  Guess who will be racing off to work again!!!!    You don't have to wait too long - the collections will be released at the end of April for your perusal.

I did finish my quilt top for Quiltcon - also at work.  I just love that!!!!   Then home after an amazing brain storm totally off the wall session with Deborah.  Thankfully we are pretty much on the same whacked out wave length and we bounce ideas off each other.  Oh yes - it was getting downright silly!  But I think that is how some great ideas get hatched and this is something for YOU!!

So while I'm supposed to be trying to get some work done in the evening - I seem to be doing so much prepping for work (had to dig out some photos from Market - ooops - I sent some of them at weird hours - they are going to think I'm nuts - well they already know that!)

Took the girls to the dog park last night and then home to read and off to bed!

Seriouly my head was  and still is spinning with concepts, ideas, quilts to design - there just isn't enough time in the day to get it all done. I shall endeavour to rein myself in because I know how I am!!!!!   But when life throws you a good day - no that was an incredible day - you just have to brag about it!!!!!

Not that I don't have good days almost all the time - but everything fell into place yesterday.  The planets were aligned! The trick now - REPEAT please!!!!

Oh my goodness - I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the topic on QUILTSocial this week is NORTHCOTT.  Check out what Jean Boyd has been making  from the ColorWorks Solids and ColorWorks Concepts fabric collections.

Monday - February 1

Tuesday - February 2

Wednesday, February 3

Thursday, February 4

Oh - you know how I was talking about my iron the other day.  Well I called Reliable   - they are not far from my work.  They told me how to fix the water leak.  And then I'm going to see about the steam button.  But how amazing was that - they helped me RIGHT ON THE PHONE!!!!!    The other iron issue for the Monday sewing - the iron has to be returned and they will send me a new one.  I guess that is why mine is called RELIABLE - I paid enough for it, have used it for many years and worth EVERY PENNY!!!!

But remember, I had to pull out my cordless iron???  Then I came across this article and look what iron they are using!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maytag cordless iron
Obviously, the article is OLD!!!

Oh - Lexi is bugging me to tell you to stop by her blog.  She has something to say.

I better run - my brain is overflowing and I need to dump some of those ideas before it explodes.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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