Thursday, February 11, 2016


I seem to be working in slow motion these days.  I have loads to do, motivated to do it, but for every step forward, I seem to be taking two back.  Not because of errors - but getting side tracked.  It was bad enough when I didn't have a day job, but now - well - it's a free for all!!!!!

The good news - the create is packed and ready to leave the warehouse this morning.  I got the kits cut and packaged up - I thought I took a picture of them with my phone, but alas I was blabbing to someone at the time and no picture!!!!!   But still not ready for QuiltCon.  I have my small challenge to finish, write the pattern for my quilt that goes in the kits and make a bunch of little tabs for hanging the quilts.   Those three items MUST be the priority today. They are all small enough - they go in the suitcase!

Let's not forget the magazines that need fabric to make up quilts for publication and they also have deadlines!   Meetings for the next show - I know - haven't even gotten to this one yet!  There are EXCITING new collections coming down the pipeline and ONE of them will require a HUGE amount of my time to get prepped.

The fun never stops!!!!!   We had our monthly birthday cake yesterday - you gotta love birthdays!!!   Yes - I have to say that I like going to work every day, although today with the temperature outside, I could stand to stay home tucked up in my studio!!!!

So a while back, someone posted a picture of a beautiful knitted scarf on Facebook - I think it was my cousin and she posted it in the hopes that her Mom (my aunt) would make her one.  I piped up that I wanted one as well and guess what came in the mail the other day!!!!   I got this package and since I wasn't expecting anything - had no clue what it was. But the moment I opened it - I didn't even have to unfold it!!!!!     OH MY GOD - I love it and today is going to be the perfect day to wear it since it is freezing outside!!!!

My new cowl

Picture of the pattern

Thank you to my Aunt Yvonne!!!!!   Love you and your phone was busy when I tried to call you yesterday!!!!

I was at Ruti's last night and got a nice pick to keep it together.

My pick to go with the cowl

I was at Monday Mania this past week.  I love how organized some of the group members are.  This is Maria's sewing for the day.  Maria is ALWAYS very organized and has everything cut and laid out so pretty.  I admit that this works well but these days - everything just gets thrown into a bag or a basket and sewn up. No - if I were sewing this project - I would have it all laid out like this as well.

Maria's project
 So I managed to eek out a small amount of sewing time and I worked on this crazy block for the 365 Block Challenge.   It's madness!!!!    I had started on the weekend, but needed to dig out some of the Marti Michell templates as I didn't have enough fabric to cut squares to make the half square triangles - I needed the teeny tiny template so I could cut the remaining triangles I needed from a small strip.  Oh - it's complicated!!!!!

Look at the size of those half square triangles - trimmed to ONE INCH!!!!
 And then when I was cutting them apart, I realized that I had sewn one grouping with the right side up on the light and had to fix that.

That should be the WRONG side out!

Happy to report that they are all trimmed and ready for sewing when I can get back to the sewing machine.

So you know that Roll up the Rim has started and in one week - I've won TWO - yes only two blinking hot drinks.   Good grief - but I guess if the chances are 1 in 6 - then I'm doing average!!!!!

I was tidying up the other day and found a Roll up the rim from last year and thought - wow - I could have an "extra" win.  But sadly - that won't happen.

2015 roll up the rim

2016 roll up the rim

I think they would notice if I used the one from last year!!!!!

On that note - I need to find some warm clothes and take the girls out for their walk.  I wonder who is going to be excited about that?????

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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