Sunday, February 14, 2016

Border line - INSANE

It's going  to be an intense weekend.  Have classes to teach today (yes - even though it is a long weekend) but since I'm not around next weekend, we had to shift things.  Not going to do this again!

Then tons of quilting and before I left the office,  we had a quick chat about what still needed to be done before we leave next week.  OK - so there is a bit of work still to do!!!   Yep - I might just be stitching that binding down on the plane!!!

I decided that in the midst of prepping for my classes today that I had better get that block with those teeny weeny pieces sewn together before some of them go missing.

And here it is.  those half square triangles are TINY!!!!!   Not as matched up as I would like it to get - but this is as good as it gets!!!!!

A certain someone is sitting beside me - BEGGING me to go outside despite the fact that the thermometer says MINUS 23.  Where did this crazy weather come from????

Well - I do need to get pictures of the forest, but I'm thinking we'll take a quick spin to the dog park.  She hasn't had a good run all week and she has loads of energy to burn!!!!   So yep - bundling up and we're off to the dog park.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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