Thursday, February 25, 2016

Technology rocks!

I know - who would have thought I would ever write that as a title!

Let's face it - I'm an impulse kind of girl!   I can't even remember why, but I came home from work on Tuesday all fired up to shop for a new cell phone. Mine was working fine, although it is slow - it's three years old. I went to the mall to the Bell store.  Hmmm - that would be $250 to do an upgrade. Plus all the accessories. That's a lot of money - not sure I want to spent that at this time.

Back home for dinner. DH says to check our rewards program from the credit card.  Nope - they only have Apple iPhones.  No offense to the Apple lovers out there, but I wouldn't be caught dead with an Apple product.  I absolutely HATE the way they are so proprietary!  (YES - I have an iPod - because it was the only thing that I could use for audio books without using my phone).   But we won't go into that today.

So can't get a phone for free.  Hmmmm why not check Best Buy to see what they have.  Got my tablet and while having dinner, I shopped for a new phone.  OH MY GOD - same phone is on sale THIS WEEK at Best Buy.  Do I really want to go out?  It's already 8 PM!!!!   YES - I want that phone.

If you haven't been to Best Buy in a while - WOW - I barely recognized the inside of the store.

Cell phone shopping at Best Buy

I had to wait a few minutes to talk to a sales person.  There weren't many in the store and they were all SUPER busy!!!!!    But it was so worth the wait. Originally I wanted to get this phone.  the Samsung Edge 6S. 
Image result for samsung edge 6 plus
Samsung Edge 6S
Now isn't that a cool phone.  However the sales person cautioned me that the fancy edge requires a bit more battery power and putting it in an Otter box - I would lose the EDGE.   But it looks so cool. 

I got a Samsung 6S instead.  The new one (7S) is coming out on March 11 - I don't need the latest one - I just need a new phone. A faster phone!   (Mine was the Galaxy 4S)

This sales person was good because the advertised price of the phone was $74.99.  He gave it to me for $24.99.  The stupid Otter box was double the cost of the phone, but he also knocked some money off that, as he did for the glass cover.   I needed a new charger for the car as my old one was toast. With the SIM card, the installation of the glass cover and all the accessories including the phone - the ENTIRE bill came to $169.00 (including tax).   Definitely can't go wrong with that. 

And the phone???   It's blazing fast!!!!   There is also this cool APP that you can install on the new phone and the old phone and the data swaps automatically.   And it worked!!!!!!!  

Transferring data from the old phone (right) to the new phone (left)

I love love love this new phone.  It is fast. It is fast. It is fast!  Can you tell how fast it is?  It is a bit slimmer than my previous phone and well - I'm so glad I upgraded.  Now if I could only remember why I had a bee in my bonnet that night to upgrade.

I'm even deleted text messages because when the data transferred, I saw that there were over 4000 text messages.  Who on a regular basis deletes text messages??? I never think about it. Now I'm trying to delete messages, add those contacts to my contact list and saving any pictures that I wanted to keep from the messages.  I've also learned how to create albums and moving my pictures into albums for easy reference. And you thought I couldn't learn something new!   I do have to get the settings properly set so any pictures I take go on the memory card, NOT the phone, although I do have 32 GB of storage on the phone.

Now that I have a blazing fast camera phone - guess what - I can actually be ready to take pictures.  Guess what I saw this morning?

I'm out with the girls and I see tracks in the snow. I thought it was dogs, but NO people prints.  AHA - there are two tracks and that would be our friends the coyotes!

Coyote tracks

Little Sammy knew they were close by because she wasn't happy and next thing you know - BAM - there they were.  My first thought - do I have my phone?  Yes - it was in my pocket so I whipped it out and got pictures!

Coyote right on the trail

The other one was in the bush and very hard to see because of it's colouring.  I wasn't going closer than this.

And then the darn thing proceeded to lie down in the middle of the path. This was in the direction we wanted to go.  We turned around and walked on the street this morning!

Coyote lying down on the path

Wow - and then Lexi and Little Sammy asked me to take pictures of them so I did. I'll share those with you another day!

Now I have an extra charger for my phone as the old phone and the new phone use the same charger so that is great.  Now I can leave one at work - just in case. Got to set up all the e-mail accounts in the new phone and bring in all the pictures from the old phone that didn't get transferred over - not sure why.  But that card should probably be just downloaded into my photo hard drive.  That is something that I really really need to work on.  

And as quick as a wink of an eye - I started not one, but TWO quilts this morning.  They are the same quilt - just making it twice.  When you see it - you are going to want one as well.  It is so adorable.   I cut fabric from it yesterday at work and it's going to be one more to add to the trunk show. One of them is for the office.   Wait until you see it!!!!!!     I still have to get my magazine quilt cut and sewn as I have one week to get that done.  And I cut fabric for not ONE, but TWO of those. Two different fabrics - then I can choose the one I like best.  The beauty of working for a fabric company!!!!!

On that note - I better get my butt in gear and get to work.  Loads of stuff to do today. 

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (ack - sorry for that - I just love punctuation!)


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