Saturday, February 6, 2016


So we all went crazy about Row by Row last year right?  OK - well some of us went a bit more crazy than others did.

We had Joni Newman as our guest speaker at the Mississauga Guild on Thursday, which if you read Lexi's blog, you know why I got home late and was tired.

Joni designed the most AMAZING rows for two stores - Valley Needleworx in Renfrew, Ontario and We R Quilts in Prescott also in Ontario.  Sadly BOTH stores have closed, although Tracy who was the owner/half owner?  of the Prescott store is the Ontario coordinator for Row by Row and I think she is keeping that job.  She did an awesome job last year.
Rows designed by Joni Newman

Joni also designed two more companion rows in the event that you wanted to make an entire quilt.  I got that pattern from one of the two stores.

Two more companion rows

When Joni was at our guild meeting, she had designed a FIFTH row and now I NEED to get that row!!!!   I've got an e-mail to her asking how and where to purchase that fifth row. If you look closely at each row - there is a theme happening, except in the Nemo row which is why there is a fifth row.  Can you figure it out?

See what I mean - a bunch of looney toons we are!!!!

BUT wait until you check out this link.   What do you think????   Any takers????    Of course, we chat about Row by Row at work (I know - it's hilarious!!!) and Brian thinks that we've all gone over the edge   (quilters that is - not the staff!).

WAIT - it doesn't stop there.  Get your passport ready (OK - so you need the passport to go to the US),  but check this out...................

GET THE PASSPORT, PACK the bags - I'm on board. No idea where I'm going, but I'm going!!!!!

And then there is this one that is new this year.

Seriously?????      OK - I think SOMEONE from Northcott needs to personally be checking some of this stuff out.  PICK ME              PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       Sadly, our job is totally behind the scenes!!!!   Here is the fabric palette that Northcott has selected for stores to work with.   I did design a number of rows but I think I posted them a while back.

On that note, I'm off to finish prepping for today's class and if you have not read Lexi's blog - you better. That dog is a naughty pants.

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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