Monday, February 1, 2016

The Quiltmaker's Gift

Love the name suggestions for the BOSS.   I'm going to mull the ideas over and try to combine them.  It'll give me something to think about!!!!   Thanks  again!!!!

Last week I did a trunk show on group quilts. I love doing trunk shows.  It allows me to browse through my quilt collection and as I've said before - every quilt has a story.

Here's the scoop on one of the quilts that I took. Do we remember the book called The Quiltmaker's Gift by Jeff Brumbeau and Gail de Marcken???  It was originally published in January 2000.  Can you believe that!!!!!

The Quiltmaker's Gift by Jeff Brumbeau and Gail de Marcken

On the inside of the dust cover, there is a beautiful illustration and lists and lists of quilt blocks. I forget how many there are (they are listed on the blue sections below), but I want to say that there were more than 200 different blocks.

Inside the dust jacket

A line of fabric was designed around the illustrations in the book and it became widely popular.  I belonged to an on-line group and we were into block swaps and exchanges.  We decided to make a group quilt, using at least one of the fabrics from this collection in each block. The blocks were divvied up amongst the members from across Canada.

Carol and I were the main organizers of the quilt.  Carol designed the quilt.  I embroidered the names of all the blocks onto the sashings.  Some were in gold and some were in green.

Gold sashings
Green sashings
I wanted the writing to be very subtle so as to not take away from the quilt.  They are subtle - most people who look at the quilt don't even know they are there.  They are hard to read, but that was the point.

I do have a full photograph of this quilt - it's definitely a challenge because of its size.  I will try to find it one day and post it.  The quilt is stunning. It was quilted by Kathy D.

Part of the quilt!
The quilt was entered into the Ontario Juried Show and won a ribbon.

Group quilt winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The quilt was donated to The Quilt project - remember that charity for breast cancer? The quilt sold for a decent price considering it was a silent auction item and I bought it from the person who originally bought it.  I know - what a crazy person I am.  But some quilts - well they are hard to let go of!!!!

What was even more insane is that a group of us - I'm going to say five - wanted our OWN quilts and we couldn't afford to buy this one.  So we made blocks and exchanged them.  The blocks were made completely from the fabric collection.

My set of blocks

Leftover fabric

The border
Annadele - to answer your question - yes I have some. Nope - not sharing until my quilts are done.  Yes - I'm going to make TWO quilts as I do not need another gigantic quilt.

So many memories for that quilt and we just learned that the person responsible for that group (and some of us still keep in touch).  Well Judith passed away two weeks ago.  She will be sorely missed and was a huge influence into my quilting journey.

Speaking of journeys - my quest to clean up never stops.  Why???   That's because cluttered workspaces just work for me.  I love the creativity that it brings to my brain. And I'm OK with that!!!!

When I get home today - I have this mess on the cutting table to deal with.  A little at a time and things have to be put away once they are finished with.  The reason so much is out is that I don't finish much!!!!

However I'm happy to report that I did finish three things last night and so yes - CHECK CHECK CHECK in my little book.   Will show you a picture tomorrow.

Mess on the cutting mat. 

On that note - it's time to get moving on the day!!!!!




  1. I had a block in that quilt. So did Cindy and we each took our photo in front of it.

    1. How cool is that!!!!! what page/what block???? I loved that book.