Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The day is half over already!

Do you ever have those days when you just NEED to crash!   That was yesterday. For some reason, it was a sleeper day.  I had lots to do, but I needed a nap and even if I had reassembled the couch for my office, it's a tad short for napping. I'm sure though that I could figure out a way to nap on it.  Note to self: get the couch assembled. 

Anyway, when I got home, I zonked out on the couch for a supposedly 15 minute nap, but then I went back to sleep again and it was almost 7 when I woke up.  ACK - I don't have time for a nap!

But I managed to get the second customer quilt done (same customer - so made sense to get them both done).  The other one was quilted on Sunday. 

Customer quilt - ONE - DONE

Customer quilt - TWO - DONE

Hmmm - now I still have Riley Blake Challenge quilt which needs to be on the long arm. However, there was a smidgen of appliqué to prep and one more seam.  I managed to get everything prepped and glued in place. I also managed to get the backing loaded on the long arm and well - there's always tomorrow (which is now today!)

I was up early. Only one hour earlier than normal.  The two customer quilts were trimmed and the rest of the stitching on the Riley Blake Challenge was completed and about 5:10 AM, I started to quilt it.  I had been mulling several patterns over in my head and finally decided to use my fall back design - the wonky Greek key.

The quilting on the Riley Blake challenge
Happy to report that the entire quilt (it's not that huge) was quilted and trimmed and I brought it to work with me so I can sneak the binding on.  Since I detest stitching the binding on by machine, I'll be pinning that binding to the back and I should have no problem to get a picture on the web site before midnight tonight!

That means that I should have time to finish and quilt those three minis that are due tomorrow.  I know - stupid deadlines, but I'm having fun!!!  Then there is ONE more massive deadline for next week and I should be OK, but it will be tight!!!!

So all of that got done before I left the house at 8 AM.  Phew - almost a full day's work before 8 AM. But technically, the day is just starting. So if ever you wonder how or why I get so much done - I just get up and get to work. I don't need to ease into the day - I start the day running.  BTW - Miss Lexi did get her full walk in there as well.

So we all have friends right? Some friends are a good influence and some friends are a bad influence. I had lunch with Carol yesterday and she falls in the later category.  Look what she brought me and enticed me with more plates that she could acquire for me.  ACK!!!!!!

2016 Row by Row Fabric Plate

 That Carol is a VERY BAD influence and I feel that as the June 21 start date approaches, my resolve to NOT participate (in a big way) is quickly fading!!!  HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (She bought this one because it is ORANGE!)

On that note, I'm out of here to quickly and quietly put that binding on.  Don't worry, I'll be showing it around the office.  It's a good thing to keep on top of what the competition is doing and everyone loves show n tell - just not with the same gusto as quilters do!

Have a great day!!!!


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