Saturday, May 14, 2016

Lost, but found!

Yesterday was such a nice day.  While I had lots of work to do, there was no rush. If I wanted to take a few minutes and sit outside I could. If I wanted to crash for the entire evening and even missed dinner, I could and I did!  I LOVE to be busy, I hate working under extreme pressure!

I had loads of fun playing with the next sewing machine from Husqvarna.  It's the top of the line - EPIC and well - you'll have to wait until next week to read all about it.  I have to check the dates when the links get posted - I thought it was in two weeks, my editor tells me otherwise!   Bottom line - bring on your quilts to be quilted - I will work night and day to find the money to buy one of these machines.

I did manage to get a bit of work done on my projects to take with me - again - if I get them done, great. If not, then, I'm not worried. Besides, I will have to carry them on the plane with me so I don't want a whole pile of stuff!

At one point during the day, I decided that I would try to find the magazine that had that pattern I'm going to make.  The one for the Modern Quilt Guild charity quilt. I thought it was in the Foundation Piecer magazine - now defunct, but lots of great patterns.  I started to browse a couple and it didn't feel right. So I then checked Miniature Quilts (also defunct) and that didn't feel right either.  Drat - now I'm not sure where the pattern came from and I've NO IDEA how to find out.  It is tiny - I could modify it somewhat or just go with the flow and make it. I've decided to make the blocks and then deal with the pattern source.  I still have a couple of months to find it.

However when I finally woke up from my evening long stupor, I decided to walk the dogs.  I couldn't find my glasses.  Now where could they be??  I rarely wear them in the house and am forever putting them down somewhere.  I walked the dogs without my glasses - I mostly need them for driving.  Went to bed and forgot about the fact that I couldn't find them.

Then this morning, I happened to be in the far corner of the studio (where the magazines are) as I was getting some material and book that I needed for my class this morning and guess what?????

The studo from a different angle
And if you zoom in really close, look what I found.....................

My glasses
Obviously I put them down when I was looking through the magazines.  But I didn't even remember doing that. It's such a habit.  New rule at our house - glasses must be left by the computer if they are NOT on my face!   Incredible luck that I found them.

And yes, while that table is a mess - it is a controlled mess.  No chance of it getting cleaned up any time soon.

Last weekend, we had our second to last table runner class.  This was the small table runner that was assigned two months ago.  The idea is to make a small table runner and then get quilting ideas to quilt it. People have learned loads in the class and it's been a lot of fun over the last two years.





Beth was so excited that she made three different ones. Barb had started a second one as well. The rest of them - well they were busy!

I like Facebook.  I appreciate the fact that it is free.  But it drives me crazy that the right hand side is constantly filled with SENSATIONAL headlines.   Cher's last days!  Royal Family reveals all!  Click on this photo to see incredible WHATEVER!!!!!   What a huge time waster that stuff is.  From time to time, I'll click on one of the links, but mostly the stuff is just garbage or doesn't live up to the headline.  It's like having the tabloids from the grocery store right on your desk top and since I've never gotten into those tabloids, I guess that's why I don't like those headlines.  But it does make you wonder why we are intrigued by the oddities of life.  With everyone (mostly everyone) hooked on some form of social media, I guess people do things just to get noticed.

Personally, I don't have time.  Like e-mail.  I didn't realize how much time e-mail took until I basically deleted everything and now get a couple of e-mails each day. Wow - and since they come to my phone, I don't even look on the computer much.  I rarely respond to them (I know - bad me!) and I've just freed up a huge amount of time!!!!!  My responses are usually short since it's hard to type on the phone.  I will slowly get back with the e-mails but I'm kind of liking the freedom!  I feel like I'm becoming a recluse!   No TV, limited e-mails and limited social media. I love it!   But I won't give up the blog - that is my daily mental exercise and I do that for me, not you!

On that note - I have to finish prepping for my class this morning and I had better get at that.

Have a great day!!!!!!


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