Monday, May 9, 2016

A little shopping expedition

I have to say that the office is starting to look like a war zone. Not just my office, but the entire space out front.  There are two different ironing stations, quilts laying on the floor or piled on the tables. And I'm loving it!!!!

It was a good news/bad news morning.  The good news, we have until the END of the day on Wednesday to get stuff ready for the crate.  That is an ENTIRE extra day.  The bad news, I forgot to cut some fabric squares and that is going to take some time to make those. Almost have half of the squares are now cut, but the really bad news - I think my little sewing machine seized up!!!!   Now how did that happen????  I guess it likes to sew, just not power sewing!   I'll see what happens later today. Otherwise, we do have two sewing machines here, but I really really like my own machines.  I'm such a picky sewer!

And even more bad news, the fabric we are waiting for is in the city, just not in our warehouse!  Might have to take a drive over to the shipper and pick it up myself!!!

The other day when I was at the local quilt shop  (Ruti's Needlebed), I found a few items that just jumped into my bag. Not sure how that happened, but it did. 

Look at these gorgeous batiks!!!  

Gorgeous black/red batiks

Now here's the funny thing - I have a bunch of red/black batiks that I bought years ago and didn't think there was enough variety to do anything with them.  Now I can add the old and the new and make a really cool quilt.  See there are reasons to not use everything up as soon as you buy it.

I also got this really cool kit that I ordered a while back.  I'm sure the company has been scrambling to fill the orders.  I know that it was sold out at my local shop months ago. But I had placed my order a while back so one more project in the TO DO pile.

Homecoming by Shania Sunga Designs
I"ve been buying some of her patterns/kits for years. No - I haven't done anything with them yet.

And then a very, very bad thing happened.  This next item jumped into my bag.  Oh god - it's an embroidery applique project for the sewing machine. Like I need that like a hole in my head.  This would have been a really cool project to take away (like escaping to PEI for a month!).

Four Seasons by Anita Goodesign

The project is from Anita Goodesigns.  I bought a second one as well. Couldn't help myself. It's so very cute.

Shop Hop Quilt

Now wouldn't it be cute to do something with the Row by Row license plates????

So many quilts, so many ideas, just not enough time.  I'm going to try and design a couple of quilts to show some of the magazine editors while I'm at Market and hopefully someone will like a couple of them.  They are in my head - just need to be translated to paper.  That won't take long and I could even do it on the plane on the way down.  I'll see how it goes - I may just crash on the plane.

On that note - just finishing lunch and it's time to get back to work.

Have a great day!!!!!


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