Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Modern quilting

And just when I thought things were going great.....   my knee was badly swollen despite my efforts with keeping it raised and iced.  My stomach wasn't feeling that great either and I knew on the way home that I was in trouble. Arrived home at 6 PM - crashed on the couch for three hours.  Walked the dogs and went to bed. 

I'm feeling better today, but don't think I'll do an entire day at work. I need to be horizontal to really give the leg a rest so the next quilt is loaded on the long arm, I'm going to get part of it done this morning. Have a nap and then go to work. Technially my knee doesn't hurt at all - it is the flipping muscle in the back of my knee that is causing me to hobble around like I'm severely injured.  It just doesn't allow my leg to bend without a great deal of pain!  More ice - more healing time and I'm sure it'll all be good.  Got a follow up appointment on Thursday - you can bet, I'm asking him about this muscle issue!!!  It's probably all part and parcel of the healing process. 

So for today - you are going to get more quilting ideas from QuiltCon. 

Straight lines and curvy lines
I'm really really loving the straight line scenario.  Oh shoot - I never took a picture of the quilt that I finished for Paducah, but never used.  It's hanging in my office and I'll get a picture for tomorrow.  I love it and I love the quilting, but these straight lines are different from my straight lines so here is a new style for me to practice.

More straight lines mixed with curvy lines

And quilting doesn't get any easier than this.  Those are serpentine lines across the entire background.  Now that's easy to do!!!!

Serpetine lines on the background

Wavy lines through the entire quilt

More straight lines

Straight lines again (sorry - this is the third picture of the same quilt)
I really really like how they did the straight lines on this quilt which is why there are three pictures of it.  I must give that a try on my next quilt.  Heck - I could make a quilt to go with the straight lines!   As if!!!!!  I do have a number of challenges that I'm working on and anyone of those would be candidates for the straight lines!

Now this is super simple.  Just straight lines in verying distances from each other!

More straight lines

Curved with some straight lines
You know that old question - should I wash or not???  Well - I'm not a big fan of a washed modern quilt. Now that's not fair, I guess washing makes the quilt look more vintage which to me takes away the modern look???   Perhaps I need to reevaluate that a bit more.  But the one above?  Definitely looks washed!

Straight lines
Are you getting a feel for the modern quilting look????

Concentric circles (I think they are - maybe they are continuous)

Refridgerator coils in a different color - love it!!!

Quilting creates a design - this is very simple to do!!!!

More straight lines in varying distances from each other

Straight lines in the background

Serpetine lines

Parallel lines with a bit of a curve
Yes - there were some quilts that had curls and swirls on them.  Not many - here is one.

Very swirly lines

Very common elements for quilting 
Refridgerator coils, straight lines, figure 8 and a few curls.

Very simple quilting in this one - large expanse of negative space is divided up (makes this way easier to quilt on a domestic).  Pebbles and straight lines!!!

Negative space broken up

Straight lines!

Does that give you some ideas on how to quilt your quilts???   Seriously, we get so caught up in what happened in the past - I MUST STIPPLE.  I hate stippling.  OK - that is harsh, but it was the only thing anyone ever did - that it's boring now. Well not boring - just a different fad I suppose and who knows - it may come back in style.  People have gotten so much more creative with the quilting and for those beginners, did you know that stippling is extremely hard to do????   I think that is why some people never get beyond it.  There are other designs that are way more easy to quilt and if you like what you do - you will continue.  Remember - randomness or being consistently inconsistent is the KEY to successful quilting.  If you aim for perfection, you will FAIL every time.

I do remember going to a quilt store many years ago and they had just acquired a quilting frame with a sewing machine on it.  I don't remember the brand, but it wasn't a big one.  There was a young girl operating the machine and she literally had a hold of the machine with one hand and was winging that machine around on the quilt.  It was awful!!!    It was a very generous loose meander/stipple!!!!

On that note - I'd better get in an hour of quilting while I'm still conscious, then a nap and then off to work where I will have a much slower day - less walking packages to the back for shipping, less standing while cutting fabric.  I don't know - I'll figure it out.   Sitting felt good yesterday until my knee swoll up and my pant leg was too tight!!!  Perhaps a pair of PJs today would be more comfortable!!!!   Hmmm - the orange ones with the polka dots or the red ones with the polka dots???  I don't think I have any Northcott PJs!

Have an awesome day!!!!!


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  1. Really enjoyed seeing all the types of quilting! Hope your knee continues to recover quickly!