Monday, May 23, 2016

Spring Market - Day Four

Well, it's all over.  Spring Market 2016 is done and our crates are packed up!

Currently sitting in the airport at some ridiculous hour.  I got up at 3:00 AM.  Downstairs to meet the others at 3:15.  The airport is not far from downtown and so here we sit. Our flight is not until 6 AM.  Do not ask me why we have gotten here so early, but I was not the one to choose the time and when the taxi left - I had to be on it.

Anyway, yesterday was a pretty decent day.  I did have one more appointment which I had completely forgotten about so when I arrived at the booth to find that someone had been waiting, I felt terrible.  Fortunately, she left her card and through the wonders of cell phones, I was able to track her down and we had a super meeting.  I think she will be a great designer to work with in the future.

I also had a class in the morning with Tammy Silvers from Tamerinis.  It is a no-sew bracelet and is very cute.  I think I will have to make some more and it didn't really take very long.  Can be embellished to death.   Can't wait to try some, but I need to find a particular product in order to make it. I'm sure someone back home has some.

Then I spent the rest of the time walking around and taking pictures.  The last day of any trade show is always the slowest and many vendors are visiting other vendors as they check out stuff that they had no time to check out the days before.  Oh yes - I did manage to scoop some good stuff and well - no need to chat about it now, but I want to be home sewing NOW.  I have so many ideas that are running through my head, I seriously need days - no I need weeks in order to make it all happen.

I'm happy to report that we had lots of help for the take-down and within three hours, everything was packed up and in the crates.  Yeah!   It's always chaos with everything coming down, and we have to wait for the crates to arrive. Fortunately, the crates arrived in a timely fashion and so we had no downtime.  I think the crates arrived one at a time so that helped to space out the work.

Then all fourteen of us went to dinner and by ten, I was in bed.  It turns out that I missed a lot of nocturnal activity in the hotel.  On one of the first nights we were here, the power went out and there was a huge rain storm. Then the other night, there was an alarm and Christina had a water leak in her room.  Apparently an alarm sounded and people were told to evacuate. But it turns out that was only on the top couple of floors and the 10th floor was not affected.

Oh my god - I hate selfies unless they are pet selfies!  But here is one that was taken the other night in The Cheesecake Factory.   Not by me!

Elaine and Deborah
And here is one of the photos of our booth.

Northcott booth at Spring Market 2016

I went back to the hotel just before the show shut down so I could get my big bag of stuff to put in the crate.  I had contemplated leaving my camera at the hotel but then decided to get a couple of pictures of tear down.  As I was going down the escalator, I banged the camera and then it wouldn't take pictures.  CRAP!!!!!   The lens wasn't focusing and I thought the end was here for that lens.  The way I treat cameras, I'm surprised it hasn't bit the bullet much sooner.  But all it needed was a rest it seems because I think it's focusing and taking pictures properly.  I'll check it out better when I get home.

On that note, I'm out of here. Not that I have anywhere to go - it is now 4 am - two hours before our flight.  I have no luggage to check, I have TSA pre-check in and well, I guess we just play the waiting game now.

Have an awesome day!!!!


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