Friday, May 13, 2016


Like I said yesterday, it was so nice to see those crates locked up and loaded on a truck!  

BUT - we had a meeting to catch up on marketing stuff and guess what?  Yep - I've set the date for the wrap-up meeting for the spring market AND the date to start planning for the fall market!!!!    I know that is hard to believe, but we have some long lead times and we've no choice!!   I'm going to hounding people until the dates are met!   I can be persistent!    I can deal with pressure, but this one was particularily bad. I know it was made even worse by my little side trip to the operating room, but still - it can be planned better. We also did something completely different for the quilts on display and we learned a couple of valuable lessons - lead times are IMPORTANT!!!!!

After the meeting, I had a couple more important things that needed to be booked for the show next week and then I had NOTHING to do.  I was also tired, but I sat in my office and wondered what I should be doing!   I felt lost! OK - it wasn't quite that bad, but I ended up labelling and storing a couple of boxes of stuff that was in my office from the Paducah show.

Don't get me wrong, I still have a ton of stuff to sew before I leave on Wednesday morning; a journal cover, a vest, two everyday bags and a stuffed toy.  Now NONE of it needs to be done so there is no pressure - I get done what I get done.    OH shoot - I still have a one page document that needs to be written.

I'm happy to report that my knee is almost back to normal.  Going upstairs is no problem now, going downstairs is still a two feet on one step process.  It's just not comfortable to go up and down like normal.   The biggest issue now is that my knee stiffens up if I sit for too long, but that will come.  The best news - there is NO pain in the knee.  Yeah!!!!!!

Not "working" today, but I've got QUILTSocial blogs that need to be posted so I'll be doing that job today and trying to get some of the other sewing done in between.  Or I could use those projects for the blog?  I'll see how it goes.

I did get a bit of sewing/tidying done this morning.  Yes - I changed the needle in the serger and finished off TWO pet mats. Nice ones with pretty decorator fabric.

Two pet mats
The cutting table still looks a bit messy - but those two bags of scraps are going in the third pet mat I serged up this morning.  The rest of the stuff is what I'm working on this weekend.

Cutting mat
 I also got a bit more of that pile of quilt cut-offs processed.  Perhaps throughout the day, when I need a break, I can do a couple more.

Smaller pile of quilt cutoffs

I was at the meeting of the Grand River Modern Quilt Guild - one of the two modern guilds that I belong to.  Shoot - I forgot that they were prepping for an upcoming quilt show and so I took no quilts, although afterwards I thought that I could have taken the one that is hanging in my office.  Oh well - there is some amazing amazing quilts.  You should check it out. It's the Quilt and Fibre Art Festival - it takes place May 24 - May 28.   The list of events is at that link I posted and the modern quilt show is the first one on the list.  Gosh - if I can get my quilt to them, I may just put it in.  I need a pony express to Waterloo!!!

The quilts are pretty varied in technique, the quilting on them is AMAZING and well - you just need to go and see what it's all about.

Then we discussesd our Charity Challenge for the Modern Quilt Guild that will be displayed at QuiltCon in Savannah (2017).  There are 8 specific colors you can use (all solids), the theme is SCALE.   It was a very lively discussion and we had a LOT of fun with the word SCALE..  The nice thing was that COLLECTIVELY, we came up with an awesome theme.  I'm pretty excited about it. Some of us took fabric, some of us are still contemplating exactly what they are going to do.  I came home and did a bit of reseach and then - WHAM -- I knew EXACTLY what I'm going to do.  And in my crazy organizing scheme, I went to the right pizza storage box and within seconds, I had what I wanted to make my part.  I'm pretty excited and now I just need to find the pattern source (that's a long story), but I'm pretty sure, I know where that is as well.  Let's just say that the pattern came from a magazine and I'm sure I remember which one!  This is a small but mighty group and I'm very happy that I joined.

We also did our first exchange for the round robin.   Everyone was so excited, but there is NO more public show n tell. The one that I have now is pretty easy to do although I don't really have fabrics to go with the blocks in the bag.  Hmmmm - if I looked in my stash, I may surprise myself - I do seem to have bits and pieces of a lot of stuff.

On that note - I'm off to review a sewing machine today. Pretty exciting stuff and well - no time to waste.

Have an awesome day (and I'm so glad it's wet and rainy today - I won't feel so bad being cooped up in the basement!)


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