Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What a mess!

While I was excited to get home yesterday, I was also a bit sad because I was coming home and Little Sammy wouldn't be there to bark her head off to greet me. However, Lexi came to the airport to greet me and seemed to be very happy to fill the spots usually occupied by two dogs!  Thanks to Miss Lexi for that!

I'm happy to report that I had a very uneventful trip to Spring Market.  The others? Not so much.  One person had issues with water pouring into her hotel room from a burst pipe, others had to walk up stairs because the power went out, others got caught in the rain, while still others had issues with their flights and ended up having to drive part way home and arrived hours later than they were supposed to. Knock on wood, I was very lucky!

The day was so beautiful yesterday that Lexi and I sat in the backyard and just soaked up the sun (OK - we were both in the shade), but it was very peaceful and just what I needed after a crazy week. 

Unfortunately, that peace didn't last too long as I had work to do. And this is the mess that greeted me when I went downstairs!  The ironing board was covered with all the cut-off pieces from about 15 quilts, stuff all over the floor, the cutting table was piled high with stuff to process.  ACK - where to start?

The mess BEFORE

I decided that I could sit outside while I pulled the cut-off pieces apart, so Lexi and I sat out there and enjoyed the fresh air.

And this is what it looked like when I was finished. Only the ironing board was cleared. But that was a start.

The mess AFTER
Then a few things got shoved into a bag to take to work.  Oh yes - the ever optimistic me thought I could just breeze into work and spend the entire day sewing!  HA!!!!  I'm such a dreamer!  But filling the bag did vacate some space on the cutting table.

Stuff to deal with tonight
Most of that can be shoved into a pet mat bag and the bag is already made. I have a feeling that I'm going to have to make another soon as this one will be full by the time I put everything into it.

A bit of computer work and that was it for me for the day.  My knee was very happy as there was minimal standing all day and Lexi got an extra long walk before bed. I thought I was going to be in trouble sitting on the plane for so long, but with two short flights, the longest flight was 2 hours and it worked out perfect!

On that note, this has to be short and sweet - it's taken me all day to get here!

Have an awesome day!


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