Friday, May 27, 2016

Catching Up!

Here are some random topics that have been sitting in my blog posts and I guess it's time to cover them.   

From time to time, I check out the quilting books at the library.  There are dozens of new releases every month, and I don't have a budget to buy them all.  I love to peruse them which is one advantage you get when you go to Quilt Market.  The publishers do have their new books on display and you can knock yourself out looking at them. In some cases, you can even buy these new books from the publishers. But then you have to carry them home, which isn't a problem for me as we would shove them on the crate. 

Anyway, I'm much more discriminating about book purchases than I used to.  And magazines - well I have stacks of magazines at work to keep me busy and I'm trying to go through one or two a day.  Yes, I read them, I mark interesting patterns and I look at what the competition is doing in the way of ads, I check out designers and well - it just isn't about all the pretty quilts in them. I have developed a filing system which is pretty handy and easy to maintain considering I can turn any page into a .pdf with the copier.  No ripping required and the magazines go to the next person for review. 

OK - all that to say that I had borrowed a book from the library about English Paper Piecing. I've done a bit of EPP, but a far cry from being an expert.  If you are interested in EPP, you MUST buy this book.  It's called "all points patchwork" by Diane Gilleland.   The book is extremely comprehensive, covers every shape you can imagine for EPP, shows you how to draft all the shapes in case you can't find the size that you would like and well - it's an all round excellent book.  I think I will add it to my collection.  The problem is that I have NO MORE ROOM for books in my house and I'm hesitant to buy more for that reason. 

all points patchwork
So if you're into EPP - I'd buy this book.

The other books that I've been reading are not novels either.  They are sort of travel adventures.  I was introduced to this author a couple of months by a friend of mine. Thanks, Margot!   Anyway, Margot lent me the book called "What the psychic told the pilgrim".  It's about Jane Christmas' adventure along the Camino de Santiago  - the 800-mile pilgrim trek in Spain.

Well, I enjoyed her writing style (although honestly - she's a bit of ditz when it comes to packing or traveling!)  and so I had to borrow her other books.  The Pelee Project where she and her daughter spend a winter on Pelee Island and Incontinent on the Continent where she spends a month in Itlay with her elderly mother.
Jane Christmas books
Yes  - now I want to do all three trips - well I could leave out her trip to Italy, I'd do my own thing. But to live on Pelee Island for an extended period of time?  Yep - sounds like fun.  Hike the Camino de Santiago?  Yep - in a heartbeat.   Sounds like I need to find a sugar daddy who can support me so I don't have to work!!!   But I do love my job!   She has also written another book about nuns - I can only imagine where that one goes. That is her latest book and I must remember to borrow it from the library.

Oh my - just saw on the internet that her beau (Colin) whom she met on the Camino de Santiago has cancer.

And now onto some quilting stuff!

Remember how messy my cutting table was???  Well, I got TWO pet mats done!

Two pet mats - DONE

And then I started on a small quilt for a challenge using these yummy solids.  I can only pick two, possibly three colors to work with.  Can you guess which ones I chose????  You'd be surprised!  The size of the quilt - 14 by 14.  Should be finished the top tonight.

Yummy solids

And look at that cutting mat!!!!!

I do have one project that needs to be done by June 1. I've started it, but need to get my act in gear or that isn't going to happen!  And then there are three other RUSH quilts - all for me. Fortunately, none of them are too big.

Oh, I found some excellent articles for you to read concerning caring for your quilts, including washing, labels, etc.  Have a read - there is a lot of good information here.

Cleaning quilts

Labelling quilts

Storing quilts

Don't forget to check out QUILTSocial today as well.  Last day of review at this moment for the Husqvarna Designer EPIC.

Well, I must get my act together and get to work.

Have an awesome day!   Stay cool!!!!


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