Wednesday, July 20, 2016

It's all about the tractors!

I was just checking messages on my home phone. Did you know that I'm UNDER INVESTIGATION from Canada Revenue for some tax thing?  I got TWO calls.  Give me a break!  I didn't even listen to the entire message - 337 - which is the same as delete!   I feel badly for anyone who has got duped by that scam and I only hope that when I'm older and have less brain cells, that I don't get taken for a ride!   What's interesting is that they do mention (OK - I did listen to a little bit of it) that I''m under investigation because of an audit they performed.  Well - it they did an audit - you think I would know about that.

It's just a shame that people feel the need to scam others and they think this is a "honest" way to earn a living.

However, speaking of rides - how about a tractor ride?

You see from time to time, people pick up things that they think would be of interest to me.  Low cost or free items of course.  Well this next thing is an absolute HOOT!!!!  It has to do with tractors and you would NEVER in a million years guess what it is.  I almost died laughing when I received it.

Now here is the other thing - when I was a kid growing up, there was NO ONE else that I knew with the name Elaine.  Now - I know MANY MANY people with the name.  And it was another Elaine who gave me this unusual gift.  

Have a look.........................

YES - you are seeing that correctly.  It is a KIDs album of songs about John Deere!!!!!   Really?????  Who knew that such a thing existed.  It did come from the Mississauga Library, but it was retired and Elaine happened to see it and rescued it for me!!!

CD of John Deere music

Now in all fairness, I thought I should listen to the CD. Perhaps there would be some snappy song that would inspire me.  It's a CD and I've got a CD player in the car so the other day on  my way home from work, I popped that CD in the player.  The CD is 37:38  minutes long with 18 songs.  What is funny about that is that I popped that CD in in the parking lot at work.  The CD ended as I was backing into my driveway!  Perfect!!!    Thanks Elaine - while I enjoyed listening to the CD  - it won't be something I'll be listening to each day on the way home!

I kept saying to myself on the way - no accidents please!  Well, no one ever wants to have an accident, but can you imagine if the last thing you hear in this world is kid's songs about John Deere tractors?  And imagine what the police would think when they popped that CD out of the player!  I made it home safe and sound!

The singer is James Coffey and apparently there are MULTIPLE CDs about John Deere. Maybe that is someone who could use a John Deere quilt???

My John Deere quilt with the CD

I guess you could snuggle under the quilt while listening to the music!!!

So of course, that got me off on an exploration. I know there is a bundle of John Deere fabric sitting on the messy tables. I know - it's like this stuff keeps reproducing over night.

John Deere fabric
 When I pulled it out of the bag, I got a pleasant surprise - it's cut and ready to sew together.  How fun is that!!!!  

However you will be very happy to know that when we were in Orillia recently, I popped into the Fabricland there and guess what I saw?????

Yep - that would be John Deere fabric and did I purchase any?   I did NOT!

John Deere fabric
(They were doing inventory so everything was bundled and I'm certain that I've never seen the second and third from the top!  But I swear - I did NOT buy any!)

Then when we were at Hewitt's Farm Market, there were several aprons made from John Deere fabric.

John Deere aprons

Well of course after I dug out the John Deere fabric, I had to dig out the farm fabric and the CASE tractor fabric.  Yes - there is still a whole box of that stuff.  Where does it all come from?   I had this pretty much down to nothing - I'm NOT buying it.  Well I thought I had it down to nothing, I guess I didn't.

Farm and CASE tractor fabric

 On another gifty note - Carol gave me this gorgeous bag with bicycles on it. It's plasticized, has a handy little pocket inside.
Bicycle bag
 It's perfect for schlepping all that bike gear stuff around.   Thanks so much Carol!!!

Full of bike stuff

This was a photo I snapped on the weekend.  Notice how clear those tables are - I was busy working on both machines. I know - silly me.

Hard at work with two sewing m achines

I was sewing that URGENT - well not urgent any more quilt. I started off on the far side machine, but it was getting to be a LOT of work to walk around the table to the design wall to get the next set of blocks to sew. So I fired up the other machine and then when I wanted the next set of blocks - it was easy to just turn my chair and there they were.

And I did very good at not mixing anything up until I decided to start chain piecing and then I had to do a bit of ripping. I didn't chain piece after that!

As for the ripping - I have one more area of quilting ripped out, leaving 2 of 5 to go.  For some reason, I'm pretty calm about the entire thing - not sure why?  Older and wiser?  I doubt that!

Made progress on the quilt repair and I'll share that with you tomorrow.

I'm off on another adventure today - yep - a day off.  Tell you more tomorrow.

And what's with this weather?  I'm certainly not complaining, but it's very cool in the morning and hot during the day.  Have we moved to the desert and no one told us?

Have a great day!!!!


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