Friday, July 8, 2016

Retreat Day Two!

So the day looked more promising as I had a super night's sleep, but I was still very annoyed with myself for losing so much time the previous day. Well - that's just life - it happens. MOVE ON!

I managed to get a couple more blocks sewn together and on the design wall and everything is going just perfect this time.

Off for another bike ride - 30K this time and it's so awesome to ride around here. Everyone that has passed me so far is very respectful, from cars to big trucks. I sure appreciate that!  I passed a farmers market/bakery (Hewitt's) on my trip and made a note of the location as I wanted to go back.

It's great to get out that early in the morning as the heat hasn't hit yet and not so much traffic - well there isn't much traffic in this particular area anyway, unless you venture out on Highway 12 which I did for 12 KM. Since I've done so much riding on highways, I don't have a problem with the traffic.

Back to sewing those blocks. There are twelve in total.  I did manage to get them all sewn together shortly after lunch. I had miscut one and no extra fabric with me so I have to leave that one until I'm back home. But it won't take long to put these blocks together, get it on the long arm and bind it!

Ronda and I hit the bakery and they were making pickles when we got there. Wow - it smelled amazing!!!  We got butter tarts, pie, bread and butter pickles and Ontario cherries!

Then to pick another project.  I guess I had better work on those fussy cut eight pointed star blocks. I dug them out and did some marking of seam allowances.  Then I was side-tracked. Sacha had brought a problem child to the retreat. I told her to get it out and next thing you know, Ronda and I were completely off track. We took the blocks from Sacha's project, threw them on the design wall, messed around with them. Discovered an awesome quilt in those blocks. We had to make six more and Ronda very graciously helped. I cut and she sewed. Now all those blocks have to be squared up and well - that is going to be a bit of a problem because they are hexagons, but not to worry - I just took on another project!  Actually two, but that's OK!  

Then it was back to my eight-pointed stars.  I did manage to get two of them sewn.

That's OK - it's two that I didn't have done before I came and now there is only 14 to go.  They are NOT hard, just takes time because they very fiddly with lots of stops and starts.

On that note, I'm out of here. I got sewing to do today and hopefully on my own projects all day and hopefully with no screwups!

Have a great day!!!


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