Saturday, July 23, 2016

Cool things!

I have to laugh whenever I see idea generators for blogs or articles ideas of what to write in a blog. I guess that might be more relevant if you are very topic specific on the blog, but me - I'll write about anything. Well almost!

All I need is a picture!  Then after I edited the pictures this morning, I couldn't even remember what they were until I loaded them. 

Today is an update day and a couple of reflections.  Here are a few cool things that I received last week. 

Row by Row License plate!  From ALBERTA!

A big thanks to the person who gifted that to me!   Tofield apparently is south of Edmonton? I love the phrase. Oh - oh - oh - I feel another story coming on!

This morning I was doing a bit of tidying up. I'm really good at moving things around and compacting the stuff into containers, but not so good at processing the stuff and putting it away!  Well I am, but sometimes I don't want to put it away as I want to make something from it. But here's one thing that needed to be dealt with. I had all the plastic bags from the 2014 license plates.  You can't throw plastic bags away - they are great for sorting things. I removed the paper insert for the license plates and recycled them - all but one. I might add that to the back of my Onoce Upon a Row quilt. I think it will be very appropriate as the story of the Fabric License Plates is on that insert.

Look what else I found as I was going through that stack of bags.

Pattern for 2014 license plate 
One of the stores included this in their packaging. I think this would also be excellent to make and add to the back of the Once Upon a Row quilt.  I don't have the quilt in my possession at this point - it will be on display at Quilts at the Creek today and tomorrow. But when it comes back, I could put that label on before it goes out the door again which it is - hopefully on Monday. Not much time to put two labels on the back.

The other thing I got this past week and this was a barter item is this.  A bright red plastic bag with this package inside.  Hmmmm - what's in the package (notice the color of the ribbon????)   The other thing I have to say is that we quilters are pretty resourceful with the Pony Express method of getting things to each other.  I know someone, who knows someone and then the process happens in reverse.  Thanks to the internet, that is very doable these days!

What's in the package????

OH MY GOD - brilliant orange fabric!!!!  I love it!!!!!   Now I want to say that this wasn't supposed to be a barter - I was giving something away, but she felt the need to do something in return.  Not necessary Sandy, but always appreciated!!!!

Orange fabric - brilliant!!!!
 And there was this beautiful card in the bag as well.  I love the card. I'm hanging that one up on my bulletin board where I can admire it.  Do you see the quilt???

Beautiful card

 Gosh - this card reminds me that I have a ton of cards downstairs. I NEED to be sending those cards out.  There is no reason to hoard the darn things. Otherwise after I'm gone, someone will go through my stuff and say - why didn't she use these????  OK - who wants a card?    Wait - you had better have a good reason to get a card. Oh heck - at our age - everyday we get up is a day to celebrate!!!!

Which brings me to think about age. Do you remember when you were a kid and you thought that 30 was OLD.  Then 40, then 50 and so on.  Well, I won't reveal my age, but sometimes when I think of how old I am, I kind of shock myself.  Really???  I'm that old?  I don't feel that old.  I don't act that old. And I guess that is a good thing. Hopefully all the exercise, joie de vie and sense of humor will keep me young at heart for many years to come and if I go - please take me quickly.

Which brings me to this photograph that I saw on Facebook earlier this week. The grandma of the lady who posted this picture had passed away and this is how they paid tribute to her quilting career.  Now isn't that just the best ever!!!!  The lady who posted was Christina Tollman.

A beautiful display of quilts at a funeral

So yes - this is how I envision my funeral. Well celebration of life.  What an absolutely cool idea and then I would let everyone take a quilt (or as Nancy says - a quilt TOP) home.  Of course, by the time I die - well how many friends will I have?  That's something very weird to think about!  Enough of that.

On a very sad note, a memory just popped up in Facebook and today marks the three year anniversary of visiting the Terry Fox Memorial in Northern Ontario.  It's also the day that two cyclists in my group as we rode across Canada were struck by a careless driver and instantly killed. They were less than 10 KM away from where we were to camp that evening. I wasn't that far ahead of them that day and I remember seeing and hearing the sirens of fire trucks and police and ambulance as they screamed down the opposite side of the road as I approached the camp site.  I shall always remember Bob and Irene - they were so much in love.  I shall also remember the folks in Nipigon who came to our rescue with food and shelter and support that evening.  It was a terrible day.

On a happier note, I was digging through my zipper box this morning and my fabric stash to find some fabric to make a small zippered tote.  That's a project for later today and tomorrow.

Supplies for a zippered tote

I think that Miss Lexi has a story to tell this morning. I could tell you, but I think she is much better at it than I am.

Have a great day and don't forget to come out to Quilts at the Creek today. 2:30 is the time that I'm hosting the walk about!


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