Wednesday, July 6, 2016

There will be NO panic packing!

Oh my goodness, I stand corrected!   It's NOT Tony Labonte - it's TERRY.  Not that I didn't doubt Shelley, but I even checked the fabric and yep - it's Terry.  I'm not sure if I want to know how Shelley knew that!  Thanks for the correction!  Maybe YOU need the Kellogg's quilt?????  There will be three of them. Just sayin.........

I must have been thinking of Tony the Tiger or something when I read his signature on the fabric. DUH!

AH - it's time to relax. Everything is packed - well just have to pack the car. Most of it is upstairs by the front door. I couldn't bring it all before DH went to bed. Are you kidding? He already thinks I'm a lunatic. If he saw all the bags - well he just wouldn't understand!

Here is the last of the three quilts I quilted this weekend. All are delivered!

Customer quilt - DONE

And when the customer came to pick up her quilts today, look what she brought me. FRESH baked rhubarb goodies!  Oh my goodness - I was spoiled today and I munched on one of those pieces all afternoon - it was very yummy.  The other piece is going with me to the retreat for mid-morning snack tomorrow.

Fresh baked goodies!
 Then then Pam gave me absolutely GORGEOUS basket. It collapses and she had one which I admired. It so big and bright.  But do you see what embroidered on it??  She had it personalized.  OH MY GOD!!!!   I just love it!  Thanks Pam - you're the best!!!!
Personalized basket
 I'm happy to report that I almost go everything prepped that I had wanted.  There was really only one project that didn't make it to the cutting mat and well - it's probably just as well. I won't have time for it, but when I'm back, it's going to be a priority.

More prep work!
But this is how the cutting table looks at this moment. It's clear except for a ruler that I had to run out and borrow tonight because I didn't have one. It worked like a charm and so another project got prepped!

The ruler and a few cutoffs
 No - I did NOT throw those cutoff away - I have an idea for them.  Don't hassle me!!!!   That's the kind of stuff that I have fun with!  Thanks Susannah for the use of your ruler!

The borrowed ruler and the cut-offs

And how could you receive such a gorgeous bag, being leaving for a retreat and not take the bag with you. Of course, I had to fill it before I leave!!!

Perfect bag for projects. 
 This is the priority bag or at least the one I start with!

I should be able to post while I'm away, if I remember correctly, we do have Wi-Fi.

Have a great day!!!


PS - I hear Lexi has been blogging - you might want to take a peek.

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