Monday, July 4, 2016

Is this a coincidence?

Life just seems to be full of coincidences.  Yesterday, I tried to put a book on hold at the library. Only to find out that the only version the library has is an e-book. Drat - I don't do e-books. Well no choice, so I'll download it. Of course, my tablet wasn't working. Charge it up - still not working.  So there I am with an iPad (don't ask) and my cell phone trying to reboot the tablet and then to change the password!  BUT the good news is that I was able to download Overdrive which allows one to download the books and then in an instant, I was able to download the book. And VOILA - I can read.  I will confess that this was SUPER SIMPLE compared to the process required to get an audio book onto my iPod.  That damn Apple and its proprietary-ness.  It's a pain.

Seconds after I downloaded my book, I looked at my cell phone which has been languishing in my purse all day and I see a text from Ronda telling me, I better think about a different option than waiting for my book (a different one) to come from the library since they are going on strike!  Seriously???  I just downloaded an e-book. I'm good!  But talk about coincidence!!!!

Then I went to get another app (on my phone) for the gym.  They upgraded the app months ago and in order to proceed, you needed to scan your membership card which is never in my hand when I went into the app. But a quick trip upstairs and I'm good to go. And now you can use your app instead of your card when you go to the gym, except that at the new location, you need your card in order to use the locks. Sigh!!!!

On the PLUS side, I'm having a pretty good technology day!   I got everything figured out that I wanted!

So what got done the other day when my guest was here?  Well the guest was Ronda and she is a slave driver.  I got loads done. It was pedal to the metal for sure.  She's the reason I got those damn eight pointed star blocks fussy cut from that striped fabric. I can't let her get ahead of me!!!

I think I mentioned that I found these little items when I was cleaning up.  They were given to me by someone.

Two little items - but what to do with them
 One of them had the binding sewn on, but just on the front.  I have to say that it wasn't the best binding job I've ever seen and then it hit me - I can use these two little items as practice for putting binding on by machine.
Not a huge seam allowance for 2 1/2" binding strips

And so OFF with the binding. There was enough extra fabric to cut new binding and now there is just enough to bind the two items.  Hmm - what kind of stitch should I use?  Going to do a bit of research first.

Just waiting for the binding to be put on by machine

That was a bonus item that was not on my list of things to do before the retreat - it was just there.

Then I had a button to sew on.  This darn button has been hanging out on the cutting table FOREVER.  I finally decided it was time.  I pulled down the piece that it belonged to and OH DEAR - there are two buttons missing.  Who knows where the other button is - I only had one.

Two missing buttons - but only one got sewn on
This was one of the "dress" series that I made years ago.  All the fabric and items (except the buttons) were donated by friends. That wasn't on the list either, but one more thing cleaned up!

And now onto stuff on the list.  I got the binding made for this quilt. The backing was already prepped. So this one goes into the "to be quilted" pile.

Binding, top and backing - DONE
 Next up was to get the backing and binding done for another quilt.  I swear that Ronda must have asked me three times if this was on my list!  OK - let's face it, the top is BRIGHT!  I'll share the details with you tomorrow, but I don't think Ronda liked the quilt and wait - there's a surprise!  Bottom line - one more goes into the "to be quilted" pile.

Binding, top and backing - DONE
See what making a list does?  It makes you do things that you have been putting off for a LONG LONG time.  I pulled out this project next.  It's was also on the list.  I started this ironing caddy years ago.  The only thing left to do was to put on the handles and sew on the buttons. I didn't think it was going to look nice and that the handles/buttons would interfere with the caddy so there it sat. The girls at Monday have all made one and I'll be taking an iron to the retreat so what better time than NOW to get it done.

Handles and buttons are now on

And from the inside - it looks pretty darn good!

Time to get the iron out of the box.

The box

The iron

The iron in the iron caddy!!!

And there is one more UFO - DONE and one more item checked off the list!  I'm on a roll!!!!!

Next in line was to start working on this top - Tonga Rhapsody. I think I did post  that I had all five columns sewn together. That happened last week.  I was dreading sewing those columns together because of all the matching (bias and diagonal) seams.  I got two of the four seams done and I have to say that the matching went pretty well.  I had to fix TWO spots per seams which is pretty darn good.  I didn't take pictures, but I will so you can see.

Half the top is DONE!

Then Ronda had to go home!  But that's when I went to the quilting machine and got a customer quilt done!

It has already been decided that Ronda and I are sitting in the dining room at the retreat.  ACK - I'm scared already!  She's going to crack the whip and I'll be chained to the sewing machine!  Actually with all the stuff 100% prepped, I'm expecting big things from this retreat.  Most of all, I expect to relax and have fun!  (sewing is fun and relaxing), but so is sitting out on the deck, going for walks, having a beer or two and well just general fun!  I can hardly wait!!!!

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!!!!


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