Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A binding affair!

I've started following a lot more blogs since I went back to work. I know, that sounds awful, but it's a good way to keep in touch with what's happening in the quilt world. And some of the bloggers read my blog. I think it's funny that some of us have never met and yet you feel like you know them.

There are many "challenges" or goal setting or quilt a longs and you have to find something that works for you. At the moment, I don't have time to participate in those. But there is one that I find intriguing and I'll certainly get myself set up for next year.

I've probably got the information incorrect, but it was something to the effect of setting a goal(s)  for the year. Finishing projects is the big one. At the end of 6 months, there was a review. I've tried to do that before, but I find that if it's just myself involved, not much happens. Don't get me wrong - I get loads done, just not what is on that goal list!

I know what my focus would be and technically I could make this my goal for the rest of the year.  That is to finish the handstitching of finished quilts. Binding, sleeves, and labels. There are quite a few that are in that category, not tons, but enough and it would be nice on those days when I get to hand sew that I'm not doing boring stuff like finishing off years old projects.

I suppose it would be good to take inventory and make a list. Lists are good.  Then I could have a label printing session - do you know that I have given up printing at home. And I LOVE IT!!!!!   I haven't had a single frustration in that area. I simply forward what I want printed to DH and he prints it!  Brilliantly solution to a problem!  Except that it now takes two people to print something.

On the topic of finishing things, I took this quilt to the Monday sewing group. It's small and while the quilt was in a show a couple of years ago, the binding was pinned to the back. I wasn't into machine binding at that time.  Now the binding is on. There is some stitching that I want to do on the front, then I can stitch the sleeve on and make a label.  Simple!

One more quilt with the binding on!
 After all, the more quilts I can get finished, well they can be added to my trunk show and when my grand finale comes along and all my quilts are given away, this will be one less that someone has to finish for me!

Speaking of binding, I got the binding completed on that quilt repair as well.  I know - a hand stitching fiend!  I made the patches for the repairs last night and I'll share those with you tomorrow.

Binding on quilt repair - done!

Now here's something you may or may not know.  As a quilter, I try to buy the best of everything. I buy name brand rulers, mats and cutters and of course - fabric!  I want the good stuff even if it costs more money. Just means I buy less which isn't a bad thing.  Why?  Am I a quilt snob?  Nope (OK - a bit!) - I've learned that buying cheap tools is exactly that - cheap. They break, they don't work well and can be dangerous and cause major issues with your project.

For my rotary cutters, I buy OLFA. Plain and simple - I won't buy anything else.  I've purchased many OLFA cutters over the years - I think I posted a picture on my blog one day of how many cutters I have.  Hmmm- not only did I post a picture - the darn entire post is dedicated (or almost) to the rotary cutter!

And if you remember, I actually wore one of them out so that it couldn't be used any more.

Worn out rotary cutter
 See how that hole has become so large that the screw won't tighten. Well on the GOOD QUALITY stuff, I noticed that there is a guarantee - FOREVER!   I contacted OLFA and guess what?   Yep - they sent me a new rotary cutter!!!!

The old and the new!!!

Then when I was teaching earlier this summer, one of my students broke my circle cutter.

Broken circle cutter
 I was in contact with OLFA about the other cutter when this happened and so I sent them a picture of this broken one. Guess what?
The old and the new

I would like to thank OLFA very much for honoring both rotary cutters. It was minimal hassle to get the items replaced.  I've never had an issue with the day to day operations of any of my OLFA rotary cutters. They simply are the best. And my preference is for the original style. It's what I learned on, it's what I can cut for hours with and very accurately.

Next time you're thinking about buying a quilting tool - think about what you're buying.  Cheap stuff tends to not work well (trust me, I've cut with many students rotary cutters to the point that I now carry my own!). Buy the best you can afford - you'll appreciate it and the tool will last forever!!!!

Don't forget to check out QUILTSocial this morning.   Even if you're not into machine embroidery, check out the machine just for the fun of it.  It's amazing!!!

Have a super day!!


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