Friday, July 15, 2016

Little Sew and Sews Show n Tell

In order to keep my classes happy, I better start posting some of the homework.  Before I get into that, I found a wonderful article on Maintaining your sewing machine

They do go into great depth in this one, but the basics, change your needle FREQUENTLY  (I change after every four bobbins), get rid of the lint in the bobbin case area - it's extremely important.  Those two things alone can seriously affect the tension.  And here's something else that I want to do a bit more experimenting with.  While I was at the retreat, I was sewing away with a Size 10 needle and Aurifil thread.  No problems. BUT when I went to topstitch, I was getting skipped stitches like crazy.  Why?   The needle was TOO small to carry the thread through all those layers.  As I said, I want to play around with this a bit more.  Hmmm - I have a QUILTSocial blog that is due - I might do that!
At our June class of My Little Sew and Sews there were a few people missing. OK - there were a lot missing. 

The blocks are absolutely adorable and I can't wait to see the finished quilts.  

I shipped my quilt to the magazine yesterday. I'm thinking it's going to be one day late. NOPE - it's going to be right on time as it's due today!  That's pretty exciting.

When I got home, I laid out the next quilt on the wall that needs to be delivered by Wednesday. Hmm -  I had made a whole lot more HST than I needed and well - why not try to incorporate them into the design.  I did and in fact, I like this better than my original design.  Might be easier to quilt as well.  It's going to be hanging at Quilts in the Creek next week as one of the challenge quilts.  HEY -  no comments. You know this is normal for me by now.    Sometimes, I wonder what the organizers would say about me.  "Oh Elaine - she entered a quilt in our show. I bet she hasn't even started it yet." NO - I would never do that!

Speaking of Quilts at the Creek - you MUST plan to attend. There will be vendors there and I sure hope they bring their license plates since I'm not travelling around and getting any.  I'm not adverse to buying them, just don't want to travel around to get them.

Check out the list of activites above.  I'll be doing a walk about at 2:30 PM on Saturday and Sunday.  It's going to be loads of fun as we wander around the village checking out the quilts.   I'll be focusing on the quilts from the challenge "Blue by You" and you'll get to hear first hand my story and loads of others. Even if you don't want to hear my lecture - come on out and see the quilts.  This is an OUTDOOR show and well - we need to make a big deal of this.   Book you calendars!  Gather your friends.  The dates are July 23 and 24 (Saturday and Sunday).    Hope to see you there and I guess after Quilt Canada - I had better were ORANGE so you can find me!!!!

On that note - have an awesome day!!!!


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