Friday, July 29, 2016


I wish I could report that the quilt repair is complete this morning, but alas - it is not. I didn't get one stitch in the darn thing over the last couple of days despite good intentions.

Let's start off by showing you a couple of things I got recently.  I found these magnets at Quilts at the Creek.  Some of the people who showed quilts were selling items. I love the fish one so now instead of saying OH CRAP - I can say OH CARP!  Sounds nicer!

 And I picked up this postcard. Very cute and a good way to use up small odd blocks.

Post card
 And a novelty print that I HAD to have. Can you see what it is?

Novelty print
 Now let's look at that repair.

Can you see the rip in the lighter fabric?

There's a rip in the middle square

I hadn't really searched for a replacement fabric for this spot as I didn't realize there were tears in this one. I've since discovered a "few".

So I had to dig through my stash to see what I could find.  Of course, I didn't have the exact fabric, but found this one that works not bad.

"matching" fabric
 It was hard to match the background, never mind the green/burgundy on the background.

Then the big debate was how to patch. Honestly, it took me more time to find that fabric and mess around with what shape to make the patches than it did to make the patches.  At first, I was going to make a square, but that was very hard to make the square exactly the size needed. So I decided to make circles instead. Got out the Perfect Circle maker by Karen Kay Buckley and I was good to go.

Patch on the light

Patches on the burgundy and the multicolor print

They are just pinned for the moment, but once they are stitched in place, I don't think they will be noticeable. I've gone over half of the quilt, found 8 cuts/chews to be repaired and two seams that need to be restitched. I think one side was worse than the other and hopefully this was the worse side.  There is still the big repair on the other side to do and then a few spots on the back.

However I have to set it aside for a couple of weeks because I'm leaving today! Yep - that's why I couldn't squeeze in a couple of hours for the hand stitching. I had stuff to do for work that HAD to be done before I left and I had stuff that HAD to be done at home before I left and that left no time to complete the quilt. Oh well - it's not life or death, but I know the customer wants it back.  Two more weeks!

Where am I going? Well you'll just have to wait and see.  I'll be blogging so you'll be able to keep track of me.  Good luck with that as I can barely keep track of myself!  I was offering up some dates for teaching this fall and well - there weren't a lot of free dates. But that's OK because I LOVE what I do.  As much as I say that it would be nice to be at home and sew all day - I'd be bored by lunch time of the first day.  I need to be out and about, be with people - that's what makes me happy!

On that note, a few last minutes things to do and I'm gone!

Have a great day!!!


Oh by the way, I think Lexi has a story for you today and don't forget QUILTSocial today.  You must check the QUILTSocial blog today - it literally will blow your socks off!!!!   I'm just blown away by that Designer EPIC.

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  1. You know ... you could scan the fabric into the computer, then print it onto plain fabric.