Thursday, July 28, 2016

Into the mist.................

Misty Pines has been on my list of my things to get tidied up in the studio.

Misty Pines quilt by Patti Carey

 I'm happy to report that all the materials have been cut.  And out of all those bolts - this is what remains.

Leftovers from Misty Pines
 I don't think there is even enough of any one fabric for me to make a backing - BUT that is a good thing. It means, I'll be foreced to use up those pieces and then NOTHING will be left.  What remains is for me to finish the top.

In addition, I have this bag of scraps - the leftovers from cutting all those kits.  Once I'm done the top, I'll put this in my scrap bins. For the moment, it's all together.

Bag of scraps
 Notice though that after cutting 27 kits - this is ALL that is left for scraps.  Not bad!!!!

There are still two kits left if anyone is interested.  $100 for the kit and it is PRE-CUT.  You just have to start sewing.  There is no backing or binding in the kit.

Having gotten rid of that, my big orange tub is now empty!!

Empty tub!
 Not to worry - it's already filled.  I was trying to consolidate some stuff on my sewing table. While it looks better, there is still much to deal with!

I did NOT make any progress on the quilt repair last night as I had some items that had to be sewn for work and that took priority.  Don't worry, when they become available (one's a free download), then you'll know about it!

Did I show you my latest licence plate?  Got this at Quilts at the Creek this past weekend.   I think that makes 26!

Row by Row license plate

Don't forget to check out QUILTsocial this morning.  Some neat tips and more fun with machine embroidery (or getting prepped) for machine embroidery on the Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC.

Have a super awesome day!!!


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