Tuesday, January 31, 2017

An ultra marathon!

Ever have one of those days when you hit the ground running and well, it turns into an ultra marathon?  Yep - that happens every once in a while. Today is just like that.  Hence, it's late in the day and WHAT?  No blog?  What happened?

Especially since I said something dangerous was happening in my house. You've probably thought that I've blown up my computer. Or it blew up on me!

I have my ancient laptop - well it's not that ancient, but it's getting on in age.  See - even the keyboard is worn. Some of those keys are almost down to the electronic bits inside. It's slow as molasses, especially with e-mail.  

Worn out keyboard
The battery is dead so technically it isn't a laptop anymore.  And there is that brand new (but not so new anymore) computer sitting right beside me.  Can't use it though because it doesn't have the Microsoft software which is mostly what I use.

New computer
So one night during dinner last week, I lamented to DH about the situation. I was going to call in the Geek Squad to convert everything over, install whatever needed to be installed and I could seamlessly go from one computer to the other.  OH NO, he says.  It's easy.  Oh, GOD!  Technology and I do not get along.

I agreed to let him install the Microsoft stuff. I turned on the new computer. NOTHING. Dead.  What???  Checked the plugs, still nothing.  Then I realised that there was a glitch in the cord to the power box and then everything was fine.  OH no - now the internet connection isn't working.  I just let him take over and I went to sew.

He did get the Microsoft suite of products installed.  It's so easy these days, you just give Microsoft a credit card and they do all the work.  And every month they charge you a small fee.  Actually, it's a good thing and you never have to worry about being outdated.

Here's where my part comes in.  So the main software is installed. Big deal - what about all my files, what about my e-mail accounts???   HUH????   That's the hard part. I did manage with almost no effort to get my e-mail account up and running and WHOA?  All my e-mails came through to the new computer. But not the contact list as it's a file on the other computer.  See why I wanted Geek Squad to help me????

There's still the issue of having all my e-mails come to the one e-mail box - one is missing, one is there. All the files and pictures need to be transferred, but I guess the easiest way to do that is to get an external hard drive (already have one) and shove everything on it and use that instead of the hard disk on the computer. The key will be to NOT lose it. But I think I can manage that.

So the job is half done, so far it hasn't been too painless, but it isn't over yet.

And on that note, the break is over and I'm getting ready to finish that ultramarathon.

Have a super day!!!!


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  1. I am the geek girl for my quilting group and I have done this job many times before.
    There is a piece of software, recommended by Microsoft, that makes the file moving job quick, and very easy.
    It transfers all your settings for you and your mail ends up where it is suppose to be when you are done. I am pretty sure this or something similar is what Geek Squad uses.