Saturday, January 14, 2017

Books to read............

I'm late this morning.  I had to do something VERY important. Even though I have tons of work to do today, I HAD to finish reading my book.  No Time for Good-bye by Linwood Barclay.  OH MY GOD!!!!   A thriller to the end.  It's an excellent book if you love thrillers.  It's not that often that I can't put a book down - some of the series are a bit predictable, but this one - it was a page turner!  There is a sequel!  ACK!   I found that out on Fictfact!

I've read several of his other books and all of them have been true thrillers.  

Remember how I said I wish there was something to keep track of the book/character series that I'm reading?  And then I was introduced to   I LOVE LOVE LOVE this web site.  It's so perfect.  I've gone through the list of books that I've read since 2007 and I ended up with  - do you want to guess how many book/character series I'm reading???  Remember - I'm an obsessive person!   

Well, there are 53 - yes FIFTY-THREE series on the list.  You see why it was critical to find an easy way to manage them.  It was a very simple matter of connecting the series to my profile.  Now I do have to spend a bit of time updating the status of the books that I have read in each series. 

The best part, you get a printout of the NEXT book in each series so if you're wondering what to read - there is a choice!!!   Thank you to Susan  for that link.  

I'm madly sewing, blog writing and taking pictures today.  I don't have anything too new to share with you, but here is the Waves at the Shore quilt that I finished up earlier this week. 

Waves at the Shore by Quilt Poetry

It's made with the Naturescapes collection by Northcott.   I absolutely love this quilt - the key is to get it quilted this weekend and put the binding on.

The backing and the binding are ready to go.

Binding and backing - done!!!!

It's going to be busy and now that I can rest, knowing what happened in the book, it's time to get back to work.

Have a super day!!!!



  1. So glad I could help you out with FictFact! I have an even 100 series I'm following and some of them are totally up to date. I just read the first two books in Linwood Barclay's Promise Falls series and was happy to discover another author whose books I like.

  2. OH MY GOD - Susan - 100???? I thought I was bad with 53!!! It really really is a superb site. I'll slowly get the books that I've read in there. Did two last night. Thanks again!