Thursday, January 5, 2017

What I've been working on..........

If only I had those 12 UFOs to work on this year.  As if!   I have loads of stuff, but I have to say that I'm feeling super productive. Although I'm slightly behind in getting the tasks completed in The Task Master, I'm making great progress. I think it's a matter of getting the kinks worked out and the more you write in the book, the more you realize how long everything takes so be careful on the scheduling!  I also heard that in order to be productive, you need to surround yourself (or hang around with) super productive people!   

I'm going to show you on Monday just how my sewing room looks. As you know, it was tidied up when the ladies came to sew on December 27th.  That's over one week ago and the state of my studio would shock you!  Well - I'm not going to say more, you have to wait. 

And it seems that a lot of what I'm working on these days is fiddly.  When I was making those bags - I had to use a denim needle to go through ALL the layers and there were many, many layers on those inside seams. With the different thread colors and that needle, I couldn't switch off and do something else. No enders or leaders! No sneaking in another project - I was very focused!

I'm just about finished up another fiddly project, although not nearly as complicated or big and this one requires the walking foot and different thread colors. I'll share that next week - you're going to get directions to that project as well! 

But I have managed to get a few things done.  Here is an ender and leader project. These pinwheels were originally started for a quilt pattern that I was testing.  I cut as per the instructions, but there were way too many pinwheels.  The quilt got made and I was left with some half square triangles so they got made into pinwheels and are now sitting in the orphan block box. 

Extra pinwheels
I'm not sure if I ever showed the quilt that I made. It was for work - I seem to make so many for work and well, life between work and home just blends in. This quilt is called Cameo Rose and it's by Whirligig Designs.   (If you scroll down on Whirligig homepage, you'll see a black/gray version of the quilt). This quilt below isn't the quilt that I made, although it looks exactly like it.  It was made with Northcott Stonehenge Gradations fabrics and here's the link to the Northcott Stonehenge Gradation Brights

Cameo Rose by Whirligig

I got a cute little mug rug when the ladies were over sewing.  Thanks to Katheleen for this.  She had a panel of small squares and it was a great opportunity for her to practice her machine quilting and she got a nice group of mug rugs as small gifts.  GREAT IDEA!!!!!

My new mug rug
And it's perfect so I don't set my hot cup of tea on my cutting mat!

Rug mug - perfect for a hot cup of tea

Then it was time to get some backings and bindings done!  Oh shoot - there is a picture missing.  Whenever I sew a binding on a quilt, I keep the leftover binding and it all goes into a separate tin. I had a picture of the tin filled to the brim with binding. Whenever I make a scrap quilt, I sort through the tin of binding scraps and get enough to make a scrappy binding.

So I was able to make the scrappy binding for those two scrap quilts that I had made a while back - the ones on the fabric foundation.

Binding and backing made for a quilt top
The backing for the second quilt (the binding for both is in the first picture)

And I used up a bolt of fabric when I made the backings for both of the quilts. 

One bolt of fabric - GONE

Since that bolt was empty, I even did a bit of tidying in the fabric bolt area.  Still loads of fabric - enough to make backings for MANY quilts. And I restrain myself - I don't buy bolts anymore.

Oh yes - one more ender and leader project.  This is leftovers from another quilt that I made for work, which you never saw either!

Blocks need to be trimmed
These blocks will need to be trimmed and then something will be made with them. No idea yet what that will be.

And on that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day (stay warm!)


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