Tuesday, January 3, 2017

And the fiddly project is..................

From the notes on the Facebook page, I can see that the Task Master isn't just nagging myself.  Nope - that Task Master is after all of us!!!  That's good news. The key to all of this is to NOT forget about how motivated we are as the year progresses.  And it will happen. It's happened to me in the past. I'm good for a couple of days and then POOF!  All is forgotten.  Not this year - we're going to keep reminding each other!

I love quotes and based on the fiddly project, I thought this was a fitting quote. 

Appropriate quote for this project reveal

The thread box is EMPTY!!!!
And the fiddly project???  Well, that would be some little duffle bags. Not one, not two, NOPE - there are TWENTY-ONE of those fiddly little bags.

Little duffle bags
As if that wasn't enough - this was part one because I realized that I had a "few" more of these bags started.  So might as well get them all done.   How many others did I have started???

Four big ones

Seven medium ones (although two of these were complete)

Two small ones

and five teeny ones!
For a grand total of 39.
A total of 39 little duffle bags

Seriously?  39????

And they all have little tabs on the backside as well.

Tabs on the back

The four sizes

Here's the pattern
And I even have THREE more little D rings in the event I want to make more of the teeny ones.

Three more D-rings

My problem was that I wrote in The Task Master to do the Little Duffle bags.  Didn't break the task down, didn't realize how much time it was going to take to make each one. The seams are finished on the inside. Oh yes - cute, cute, cute, but fiddly as ever!!!!!

But they were completed last week and I'm madly working on more stuff!!!!   Yeah!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!



  1. These are super cute!! Great job finishing them off.

  2. WOW! They look great. Glad that you are over that hump.

    Thank you for all the encouragement. . . I am trying to keep focused but it is a learning experience and it is taking me a bit of time. However, I heard on the news the other day that it takes up to 3 months to ingrain a new routine. . . so I have until March/April to really practice on having blinders on and work at the task at hand.

    Have a wonderful day!