Thursday, January 12, 2017

It's scary at our house!

Yes - lots of scary stuff happening at our house.  First up though, an update on the stairs. If you read Lexi's blog the other day, there was a picture of the staircase with stuff on the steps.  YES, I know this is dangerous. YES, I know that stuff shouldn't be sitting there - it is a hazard and people have slipped and fallen.  So, I'd like to acknowledge that the stair case is FREE of stuff. Thanks to Barbara for that nag!

Staircase is empty!

The other thing I want to thank Susan for alerting me to a site that I think is perfect for managing my book series.   It is called  There are TONS of authors on this web site. The books are in order by author/series and you can mark each book as read, reading, to be read (or something to that effect).  I believe you can then have a report which will tell you the next book in your various series.  This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for.

While there are many sites that will tell you the NEXT book coming out, (author alerts), this doesn't help me since I'm not up to date on many of the series.  Now the issue will be to highlight the authors that I want to keep track of.  I figure that I'll do them one at a time when I choose a new author.  But there are THOUSANDS of authors.  I DO NOT, I DO NOT need to find a new author!!!!

I'm currently reading a book by Linwood Barclay.  If you haven't read his books - you need to. However I will warn you that they are NOT easy to read. Not because the language is difficult, but the subject matter is.  I'm reading "No time to say good-bye".  The premise is that a 14-year old girl wakes up one morning and her entire family has vanished. Why????  Well that's the story. They are thrillers, but for some reason, the subject matter is a bit tough in this one.  Were they murdered?  Did they abandon her????   I'm half way through the book and well - I can't wait to find out what happened.

The other scary thing that is happening at our house is the studio. I've never seen it so tidy and neat - well at least the working areas.

However when I went to pull out the next urgent project, I did have a bit of a panic attack.  Found the two bags of partially cut background fabric, but where was all the bits that had been cut for the blocks.  ACK!!!!!   This was on top of not being able to find some labels that had been printed, or the pattern that was almost completely written.

Let's not panic.  Think, think, think!   AHA - I remember - I had cut TWO projects the same day and since it was from the same fabric, is it possible they are together?   Yep - the two bags of bright fabric were together.

Found bag of cut bits
The bits are bagged and tagged - very organised!!!!

Partially cut background
And I'm happy to report that I did find the missing pattern. It was with the fabric that needed to be cut to test the pattern. DUH!!

The missing pattern
I've been looking for those silly labels for a week - no luck. I think it's time to just reprint them.  Yep - the missing ones will pop up - no doubt!!!!

And with NO tidying, here are shots of the cutting table this morning..............

Cutting table - ONLY the current project is there

The ironing board

And the sewing table
Now that is pretty scary!  That has never happened to me before, but I've so much to do - I can't lose focus for a moment!  At least when I'm sewing.  Don't worry - I mess around with those two girls of mine a lot and I get a lot of reading in!

Do you want to see what I'm working on???   It's a quilt that has to be done soon. I won't tell you when exactly.  And I couldn't decide if I liked the light background or the dark background. So I'm doing both.  I need my head examined!!!!!

What do you think?????

Light background versus dark background
The lighting is off a bit as you can see all the colors against the dark background, but I think I know which one I'm going to focus on because I think I'm going to have stop working on both and focus only on one!

And there are a lot of cut off bits which I'm saving in a safe place to make half square triangles.
Cut off bits to make half square triangles

Guess what I got in the mail yesterday????   My first two patterns for The Canadian Sampler by Sew Sisters!!!!!   Another red/white quilt!!!!!!  

Two blocks for The Canadian Sampler

These are fairly simple blocks which will be great to use as enders and leaders.  I'm almost up to date with the 150 Canadian Women quilt as I use them for enders and leaders while I'm sewing those star blocks.

On that note, I'm going crazy today.  I thought everything was under control and every time I open an e-mail or get a phone call, it's more work!!!!   All exciting stuff mind you so I can't really call it work. But it's another deadline!!!

Have a super day!!!


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