Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Red and white quilt fever

You know my desire to own a HUGE collection of red and white quilts. Just like Joanna S. Rose who owns 650 and they were beautifully showcased at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City a number of years ago.

I have TWO red and white quilts.  BUT, I have plans to make MORE.  I'm in the process of making the quilt by Next Step Designs which celebrates Canadian women. There will be 150 blocks in the quilt (I might make two - I'll see how it goes.)   I am a tad behind in my blocks, but I did manage to get five cut last night and they will be perfect for enders and leaders in the coming days. I don't envision any problems in keeping up with that project.  

And the second (or potentially third) red/white quilt that I'm making this year is this one from Sew Sisters. Check out the links below so you can also be part of this amazing Canadian quilt.

Designer Number 1

Designer Number 2

Oh my - I'm so excited.  That truly is a Canadian quilt!

Is that going to mess up my plans with The Task Master?  Nope - that devil is keeping me on the straight and narrow. I'm getting way more work done than I had ever imagined. It's amazing to write the tasks down and then to check them off when the task is complete. There are a few adjustments I've had to make and I actually got rid of a quilt that I was supposed to quilt!  Yeah!!!  More on that another day.

Hopefully your plans with the Task Master are coming along.

Have a super day!!!!


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