Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Borrowing things

I'm sure we've all borrowed things from other people. I'm sure we've all lent things to other people. And sometimes, things end up your house that you didn't really ask for - it just happens. Now was that a loan? or were they giving it to me?

I decided that it was time to tidy up the book case that houses all my novels that I want to read. Yes - I would say that. I did at one point years ago, get rid of a ton of books that I would no longer read or had read. And what I have left is this.

Books to read

Technially I didn't have anything to tidy up. The books are in order by author (or pretty darn close).  I counted them - 111. The big question will be how many can I read this year?  Since some of them belong to series or character series, I like to read them in order. So when browsing for a new book to read, I choose the author, then I consult my list of read books, search the internet for the next one in the series. Check the shelf - do I have the next book?  If yes, then I read it and it then goes in the giveaway pile. If I don't have it, then I request it from the library. There will be NO buying of novels in this house. At least by me.

I will leave that to others. I already have an expensive hobby and saving my money for fabric!

I also do NOT want to borrow or lend anything again.  If you have something you are trying to get rid of - find another home!!!!

I feel good about checking out the book situation. I think there are a lot of stand alone books behind the doubled up rows on the middle and bottom shelves. I should switch things around a bit so those books are easier to get at. Those can be read much faster since I don't have to coordinate with the library lending schedule.

As I browsed the books, I came across a book that someone had lent me. I hadn't read it yet, but I was in the purging mode so that book went back to the owner yesterday. Should I decide I want to read it eventually, I'll check it out of the library.

And I also found this book.  Good grief - I had JUST borrowed this one from the library - didn't see it on the top shelf hiding in the back.

Book in the giveaway pile!

What would be nice is to have a list of books in the series that I'm reading with the ones that I've read checked off and in order so I know what the next one is!  BUT since some of these authors are cranking out one book a year, I would have to update it and so it's best to keep everything on the computer.

That was a super easy tidying up job, but I was still in the mood, so I decided to tackle the office.  Yes - all that *&^^%% paper!!!  Moutains and mountains of it. I managed to tidy up the top of the computer desk so yes, I can actually use my "new" computer that is sitting there. And I cleaned off the top of the buffet. No - I cleaned it up, not off. I'll take pictures.  I'm sure you won't really notice a difference, but I do.

What did I do with the stuff???  Well some of it is piled beside my laptop so that I can deal with it. Most of it just needs to be filed. Yes, I did some filing.

I found these beer bottles from when I was in Newfoundland.  While they are pretty, blue beer bottles, I don't really need them. They are in the bottle return container.

Bottles in the bottle returner container
 And guess what else I found???  Well, too many things to list, but I did find a book where I had listed my finishes and some of my accomplishes from 2012 - 2014.  It was never a complete list and well - I like the Task Master better.

Book with some finishes and starts in 2012-2014

Over the holidays, I acquired a cookie tin and YES, I ate all the cookies. I loved the tin because once you peel all the labels off, it's a beautiful red tin. However as I was peeling the last label off, I realized that the bottom of the tin was not sealed in place.

Bottle of the tin is not secure
 It should look like..............

Rounded edge

Oh crud - I'm lucky I didn't cut my finger on that sharp edge.  It's gone to the recycling bin.

The more you toss, the more you want to toss or return or just plain get rid off. And you ask yourself, why didn't I do that before???

Like why didn't I just file the paperwork as it came in???  Oh that would be too easy.  Didn't have folders?  Really????   Got an empty filing cabinet, got file hangers, got file folders and a labeller. There is no excuse!!!!  Well, I'm changing my ways - I'm trying to get it all done.  Once the stuff is filed, then I can go back and grab a folder and decide what I want to keep and what needs to be pitched. If I put myself to the task, it would take a couple of hours (OK - it would take a day!).  Right now, I don't have a day.  I've got a huge work load ahead of me for the next week.

On that note, I'd better get myself to work.

Have a super day!!!


And I think Miss Lexi has something to report this morning.


  1. I use FictFact (FictFact.com) to manage my books in a series.

  2. Do you know about these sites?

    Stop You're Killing Me has authors and series for mysteries.

    Book Series in Order doesn't have everything but helps when it does have what you want to know. The interface is awkward and annoying but what can you do.

    Barbara at Stash Overflow