Saturday, January 28, 2017

Back to class today!

It seems like it's been forever since I taught a quilt class. But this is normal for this time of year. December is always quiet. I love it - we always say, everyone is so busy in December getting ready for Christmas. I guess this is true, but wow - an entire month? Anyway, I digress. It's nice to take a break and now here we are almost at the end of January which is very scary. Where is the time going?

I woke up VERY early yesterday morning. Had a couple of things on my mind so as I mentioned, I got up and cut out that quilt which I will sew over the weekend. Along with TWO other quilts that need to be sewn this weekend - bits and pieces of them are either sewn together or cut out so it's not as bad as it sounds and none are huge.

But the waking up early thing means early to bed. We went out for dinner last night and half way through dinner, I'm like - OH OH. I need to go to sleep NOW. We finished up and I came home and went to bed and slept soundly. Ready to go today!  I think  my biological clock would like to get up at 3:30 or 4 AM and go to bed at 8 PM.  That seems to work for me these days - it's weird.

That meant that I had to get my homework for class prepped this morning. Running a tad behind, the girls will get to go to the park this afternoon, not this morning. I'm sure they will be fine with that since they're already outside running around like two crazed lunatics. All they want to do is play. And I swear that when I let them in or out that they conspire with each other. "See I told you it would work" or stuff like that. I'm not sure who is the conspirer, I think they both have fun with it.

I'm teaching TWO pieced quilts this year. Very different from each other - if you didn't see them, check out this blog post with the details. I'm pretty excited about both of them.  One of them is going to get made twice - can you figure out which one???

While both are fairly easy, there's going to loads of tips in order to be successful with both.  Have a look at this block - ah???   What is that? You have to wait until tomorrow when I show you the finished block.

Pieces cut for a block

I got the most beautiful thank-you card for a quilt that I gave away - remember the bicycle quilt?  Well, I got a beautiful card - on the outside is a cute bike and the inside was a beautiful message that brought a tear to my eye. I'm just glad that the quilt was appreciated and is going to be used.  I will give anything away (no requests please! - unsolicited giveaways are my favourite), but if it isn't going to be appreciated, I have no desire to give anything to anyone.

Thank you card

And I have to warn you that something DANGEROUS is going to happen in our house today. I'm so afraid to even mention it. I'll take pictures and let's just pray.  Here's a hint - what is the one thing in the world that I have the most trouble with?  Yep - technology! And that's all I'm going to say.

Have a super day!!!!


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