Monday, January 23, 2017

Road to California - Day Four

Another spectacular day in Southern California. RAIN and more RAIN!!!!!  And single digit temperatures. I don't think it went above 9 degrees today!  This is some totally crazy weather. We were toasty warm in the main building today and we were dry. That was a blessing. The people in the tent fared not badly, but the rain was drumming on the roof all day and it wasn't as warm and there was water seepage into the tent.

I did feel a bit for those that had to pack up their trailers at the end of the day. But the rain is desperately needed here.

So this morning when we walked across the street, I wore my crappy little shoes. It wasn't raining too hard, but there was a lake in the middle of the street and within seconds, my shoes were like a boat with the bottom cut out. My feet would probably have been dryer if I had been barefoot!  Thankfully, I took extra shoes to the centre and I changed into them and so I had dry feet all day.

When we left the convention centre, it was raining a bit harder so I managed to snag a plastic garbage bag as a rain coat. OK - looked ridiculous, but it kept my fleece jacket from getting wet. We carried the quilts we're taking home with us in a box wrapped in shrink wrap so they wouldn't get wet!  My feet were instantly wet the moment, I put the shoes back on and back outside where it was like walking in a stream. The water literally squished out of my shoes once we were in the hotel.  Ah - fun and games. At least, it makes a good story!   The crappy shoes are now in the garbage and I will need to go shoe shopping when I'm back home.

The show started a bit later today and so I went to the convention centre early so I could wander around and look at the quilts. They were magnificent. Some I had seen before, many I had not. I didn't bring my big camera - I decided to only use my phone camera. I know - shocking!  Now I have to figure out how to download those pictures to the computer as a group. The one thing I noticed is that almost ALL the quilts were quilted to death. I mean, every square millimetre was quilted. While in most cases, the quilting enhanced the quilts, in others it was so distracting that you couldn't enjoy the actual quilt. And the whole cloth quilts that were long arm quilted??  Stunning.  Not my cup of tea - I'd be bored to death before I could get halfway through, but stunning.

I think I managed to get around to all the vendors.  It's so nice when people recognize you - had a little chat with Edyta Sitar who remembered me from Houston. Met other people including Barb and Mary from Me and My Sister. Saw John Flynn and probably a few other names who escape me at the moment.

The booth is packed up, we had a successful show and we're ready to go home, but that will be in the morning as we shuffle our way through the morning rainy traffic to LAX.  Yeah! I can hardly wait for that.

I'm doing two posts this morning - one for the show and one for Motivational Monday - be sure to read them both.

Have a super day!!!!


Oh - I forgot to mention that I am writing on the QUILTsocial blog this week.  Head on over to have a peek at what I wrote.

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