Sunday, August 12, 2018

Busy as a bee

So I have less than an hour before I leave and what am I doing? I've been on the computer all morning trying to get stuff done FOR YOUR entertainment. See how thoughtful I am???

While I didn't turn on the long arm or maybe because of that, I had a super productive day yesterday. Sorry - no pictures again today because what I made was for a magazine and you can't see it. One of the items is not a quilt. A group of them are made and the instructions are written. The items are in the mail and the instructions have been e-mailed. One more item - OFF The list. The items are super cute and well - you just have to wait to see it.

The quilt top for the magazine is DONE. Not quilted, but I've sent a note to the editor alerting them about the tardiness of this quilt. I'll deal with it when I get back. What can I do?

Then I spent a good part of the day on the computer - writing, checking and all kinds of other stuff. I managed to take TWO of the urgent sticky notes off of my computer. There are still a few there - not urgent, but they need to be done. When I'm back, I'll be tackling them one at a time. Just boring paperwork like preparing invoices and such! I'm such a bad person for getting that done.

I was writing up all the requirements for upcoming classes. You'll see more of those posts this week so watch for that and make sure that you sign up!!!  It's a great way to learn and there are lots of fun stuff coming up this fall. If you don't see something that you like - well send me an e-mail. Tell me what you would like to learn - whether it's working through a pattern or learning a new technique. I'm open to everything and anything.

Gosh - I don't even have a link to send you to today. That's how busy I was at the computer yesterday.

Teresa (a friend who lives in Jamaica) came by and went shopping in my stash yesterday. I had lots of stuff that I just won't use any more. It was very specific stuff but worked for her. Now I wonder how she'll fit it in her luggage. She's going to send me pictures of what she makes so I can't wait for that.

I even packed my suitcase and my bike stuff yesterday. Imagine that. I'm not running around and doing that this morning. I must be off or something. I do have a few small things to do this morning, but otherwise, I'm good to go. Just need to pack up the car and well - I've got 45 minutes left.

Yes - this is my cycle trip of the year. Only a week long. Nothing else fit into the schedule - well that's not true. The trip that I wanted to take canceled and this is my second choice just because it fit in the same time frame. You'll have to wait to see where I'm going. I will be blogging, but doubtful there will be pictures and I'm on that silly iPad. Hey - I did try to get in touch with Apple about it, but their support web page wasn't working. Now isn't that ironic.

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a great day - let's hope for lots of sunny days with rain late in the afternoon after I've arrived at my destination.


I see Miss Lexi has been blogging this morning as well. You'd better check it out.

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