Saturday, August 4, 2018

On an adventure

Today’s blog is a bit different. First off, I’m not sitting at the computer at home. Nope - I’ve got my butt parked on a slightly damp dock and watching a slight mist on the lake. Flocks of Canada Geese have already gone wild and flew off in two low clouds right in front of me.

It’s early in the morning of a long weekend at the cottage and it’s deathly quiet except for the occasional duck, bird, goose or other natural sounds. Let’s not forget the loon that woke me at 3 AM just so I wouldn’t forget them.

Something very weird happened at the dock yesterday as we were sitting here. A mommy duck and five little babies came swimming along the shore. As they approached the dock so they could go out around the dock, they went crazy and flapping their wings. We could see something chasing them in the water and thought it was a huge fish. Nope - it turned out that the loon mommy? Or could have been the daddy? was swimming underwater and chasing the ducks. Now, why is that???  The loon left its own baby to do that.  Just checked the internet and yep - it’s a common thing for loons to attack ducks. Bad loon - there were five cute little duck babies!!!

By the way, I hear the loon back. What a haunting cry!!!  Oh - I thought I saw the lone loon, but from the HONK it just gave - that’s a goose.

Well if you followed me on IG and FB yesterday, you know that I was NOT quilting. I was on an adventure.

I’m going to blame this all on Susan S from Saskatchewan. A number of years ago, she went zip lining and said how fun it was. For some reason, that stuck with me. At one of our quilting retreats, we (Susan W and I) said that we should go. It had never been on my bucket list, but why not? Life is too short.

I believe that seed was planted before I went to work. I was very limited on time and we’ve been trying for several years to make that happen. It never did - the timing was never right. Well, the timing wasn’t right yesterday, but no matter - we planned the date, booked the session and we were good.

The only problem, the zip line place was over 3 hours from my house and we had an appointment for 9:30. Needless to say, I had to get up a wee bit early. I was on the road by 5 AM after checking the tire pressure in my tires (one was low) and filled up with gas and breakfast from Tim’s. That was a strange thing, but it would have been a bit difficult to eat my oatmeal while driving.

I wanted to leave early to clear the traffic in that ridiculous city. Hard to imagine that one can drive at 100-120K for almost one hour and still be in the “big” city. It’s a bit crazy. And hard to believe how much traffic there is on the road at that time of day - huge trucks and lots of cars. It’s just insane.

But no issues and I was good. I arrived about 40 minutes earlier than I needed to, but I had already connected my audiobook to the car so I just sat there and waited and listened.

It was a glorious day. I’m not going to tell you about it today - I’ll do that tomorrow when I have pictures. Let’s just say that it was amazing and I’m so glad that we did it.

Then back to Susan’s (W) cottage which was about 40 minutes away. I won’t say much about that either until I have the pictures. Let’s just say that it’s a beautiful place on a beautiful quiet lake.

I’m not sure that I’m a cottage person. It’s nice to get away, but oh what work to maintain. I think I would rent a place, but the water is nothing to me so I wouldn’t even need to be on the lake although early in the morning when all is peaceful, it’s kind of fun to sit here and look out at the great view.

I have a couple of things to do on my way home and you’ll hear all about them tomorrow.

Have a great day!


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