Saturday, March 16, 2019

Kimberbell Show and Tell

First - Happy National Quilting Day!!!  Hopefully you get some form of quilting in! I know that I'll be chained to those four machines in the temporary studio.

Today, the show and tell is all about Kimberbell.

I'm teaching this class at Brampton Sew and Serge. It's too late to join the class - we only have two more sessions and then the final assembly. But if you're interested in this class (you do NOT need an embroidery machine to do it!), or you're interested in some of the other Kimberbell designs, let me know. I do have a couple of small Kimberbell classes coming up and I'll direct you to that link at the end of this post.

What are we working on???

There are two quilts - one is called Hello Sunshine.

Hello Sunshine (Machine Embroidery Version) by Kimberbell Designs

And the other one is Jingle All the Way.

Jingle all the Way (Sewing Version) by Kimberbell Designs

We're making great progress on the two quilts. I took my portable design wall and everyone displayed all their blocks that they've completed to date.

First up was Phyllis. Shoot - it's hard to see the detail on those blocks, but some of the stitches used to finish the edges of the appliques? Well, they're just darn cute!!!! I love the wide satin stitch on some of them. Oh - I'll take some close up photos of my blocks so you can see.

Phyllis' blocks for Hello Sunshine

These ladies LOVE their machine embroidery. Phyllis found this "hello sunshine" embroidery on the internet and stitched it out. I believe she said that this is going on the back of her quilt.

hello sunshine embroidery block (not sure the source of this design)

These blocks are Irene's. I love how she used a solid (or reads as a solid) for the background of her sentiment blocks (the ones with the sayings on them). And for the most part, the threads contrast nicely. I may have to rethink my blocks as some of the words don't show up that well. She took a wire pet brush to her chenille pineapples and they are totally fuzzy!!!!  They look awesome. 

Irene's blocks

Diane is going for very bright with her blocks! It's for her granddaughter who shall we say is giving her mom (Diane's daughter) some payback for all the grief that she caused Diane when she was younger. Diane has started to add some of the filler blocks to the embroidered blocks. Love the bright!!!!

Diane's blocks
These blocks are Janet's. A nice soft look to these blocks. I say it every time we have a show and tell, but it's nice that there such a variety of fabrics so we get a feel of how different values/colors can really change the quilt.  The soft greens remind me of the outdoors and gardening!

Janet's blocks

That was it for the Hello Sunshine. Two people didn't attend the class. No, let me rephrase that. One person didn't attend the class. The other one did, but she was ill last month and felt she was too far behind to participate. Hmm - you're never too far behind. I don't mind to help people catch up on their homework and there's no penalty if you don't get it done on time.

Anyway - we each have our own agenda.

The last set of blocks are from Jingle all the Way and belong to Marnie. These blocks are super cute and I LOVE the Christmas quilt. It's hard to see all the detail, but there's so much fun stuff in this quilt and we haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet. There are a lot of embellishments to come.

Marnie's Jingle all the Way blocks

What is it with these multi-part classes? The students get the first lesson and then they start to work ahead. Why did they sign up for the class if they work ahead? Do they not trust the teacher? They don't want to learn? They have too much free time? I don't know. It happens in every multi-session class that I teach. EVERY ONE of them and I've been doing this for years. Oh well - each to their own. If they want to work ahead - I try NEVER to show that work that was done ahead. It's not the highlight of my class. This situation used to frustrate me, but now I just laugh it off. I guess those students are there more for the social aspect of the class, however when I see some of the stuff that was done ahead? Well  - they should have waited for the lesson!!! Besides, I don't make samples and come up with ideas just to hear myself talk!

OK - have to pop up and get pictures of my blocks. I only got pictures of Hello Sunshine. The blocks for Jingle all the Way are also done, but separated into baggies as per the sections of the quilt and way too much time required to take them out. And sorry, but the lighting in that bathroom is not the best for pictures.

Here's the first lot of my Hello Sunshine blocks. The first section (top left corner) is sewn together.

My Hello Sunshine blocks

Here's the rest of my blocks so far. I've now got all the pieced blocks completed as well. They just didn't get on the wall.

The second part of my blocks for Hello Sunshine

Here's a couple of close-ups of the stitching on some of my blocks. I LOVE that wide satin stitch and look at the little white line on the satin stitching around the cupcake bottom. So cute!!!!

Cupcake block from Hello Sunshine

That same (or similiar) stitching is around all the kite blocks. I used a slightly darker thread and it doesn't show up well in the photo, but it's awesome.

The kite block from Hello Sunshine

There are two more quilts in the Kimberbell collection. One is Broomhilda's Bakery which I have the sewing version of. I can't wait to get started on that one.

Broomhilda's Bakery by Kimberbell Designs

And they have a brand new quilt that was just released in February. It's called Make Yourself at Home. OH - I think I ordered that one the other day!!!!!  But there's loads of fun things that one can do. Especially if you do the sewing version. I'm all about using different stitches on the sewing machine for applique. Stay tuned because you're going to see in a couple of weeks something that I've been working on.

Make Yourself at Home by Kimberbell Designs

Aren't all those quilts super cute????  I can't wait to get the two done that I'm working on. And yes, I'm happy to report that I'm up to date. A few blocks need to be trimmed or fuzzed up in the case of the chenille pineapples, but I'm pretty much up to date. I do have to get the next set of homework blocks completed. My goal is to finish these quilts (at least the tops) along with the students. Heck - I want to have one of them quilted by May!

But if you want to give Kimberbell Designs a whirl and not up for a huge project, why not give these classes a whirl. The following two classes are being held at The Hobby Horse Quilt Shoppe. I see I need to get my act together to give a class description. The first one can be done with a sewing machine and the second one is with an embroidery machine, but you can always get the sewing version. I guess I have a wee bit of work to do!!!

Speaking of work, well, we just won't go there. I have nothing on the schedule for today, but tomorrow is our UFO day and I'm still not done my two blocks that I commited to finishing. I'm almost done, but there's a lot of work in each block. And then there are samples to be made, homework to prepare, blog posts to write, patterns to write, quilts to design. I'm only one person - I'll take it one day and one step at a time.

First thing today - I need to finish those two blocks. I want my $10 back!!!!  Amazing how motivated I can get for $10.

I haven't forgotten the videos that I've promised you. Let's just say that I had quite the ordeal (OK - so I'm exaggerating as I tried to change an subscription to some software). Had to unsubscribe and then resubscribe. Then I couldn't get it loaded, but now everything is perfect. I now have access to so much software - both on the phone and the computer, that my head is spinning. But the possibilities of what I can do? Well - it's endless. Now to learn it bit by bit. Graphics and video - here I come!!!

And the paperwork progress is moving forward in leaps and bounds. I now have TWO official workshops that I offer to guilds. I might add a third one. That's it - I offer three - don't ask for more! Five different lectures and 3 different workshops. When I get my studio back in order (I've been totally ignoring that situation for over a week now), I could perhaps offer those workshops here!!!!

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!!



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