Friday, June 12, 2020

I passed or did I?

I got a lot accomplished yesterday, although it wasn't exactly what I thought I would get done. Funny how that happens! But a few phone calls here and there, a few extra e-mails, a couple of errands, and well the day was totally shot!

I had another visit to the dentist. This was for my regular cleaning, which was initially scheduled for June 9th. The original appointment got canceled and then got rescheduled as the dentist is back in business. They've added plexiglass around the reception area. You still have to wait outside to get the OK to go in. I had to laugh because the receptionist said that people drive up and remain in their cars. They don't let the dentist know they are there! It's all new to us! We're all learning, but it's so weird.

They took my temperature, and we had to sit on hard chairs in the waiting room - 6 feet apart and no magazine to browse through!

Of course, I walked there. It's not far from my house. My last cleaning was in December. I vowed to show the dentist that I could floss every day and well - I did. I might have missed a day or two, but I was diligent. So did it make a difference? Did I pass? NO bleeding gums, so I was not asked to rinse during the cleaning. NOT ONCE - so that was good. Although when I did arrive and was seated, I was asked to rinse with a peroxide solution. It wasn't awful, so I didn't mind.

And the hygienist didn't spend tons of time picking in between my teeth. Nor did she ask me during the cleaning process how often I flossed. So that was all good. HOWEVER, when the dentist comes in, I hear there was slight plaque - well slight is a HUGE improvement over the previous visits. I was asked how often I floss and how regularly I brush. Once a day for each. Well, perhaps I could brush twice a day.

Seriously??? Where's my GOLD STAR??? Where's my pat on the back? Dentists need to learn that we want that recognition! I want a gold star!!!!

My personal grocery shopper wasn't able to get to the grocery store, and I needed some supplies for breakfast, so I decided to venture out myself. It was my first time in our usual grocery store since everything got locked down. I was going to drive, then I thought - what? I don't drive to the grocery store. What was I thinking? So I got my trusty backpack, and my mask, and I was off. Of course, I wasn't allowed to take my bag into the store, so I left it in the entranceway on a shelf.

I got my groceries - it's all good - just weird and kept forgetting to follow the arrows on the floor. And at one point, I reached over an employee (who was wearing a mask and so was I) to get something, and you would have sworn by his reaction that I had just pulled a gun. Oh well - I didn't get any turkey bacon! I just walked away.

What I "love" about wearing masks? We can't see it when others smile!!!  So when you smile - you have to smile BIG, so it comes out your eyes!

Anyway - the cashier asked me if I wanted bags. I said, "not really as I was going to load it all into my backpack." She said - put the groceries back in the cart and then load them in the backpack. So I did that. No plastic bags were sacrificed on my grocery trip. I must be out of practice as that backpack was heavy on the walk home.
My grocery backpack
I don't feel like I bought lots, but that milk and fruit was heavy! It's good to get back into a routine!

What I bought!

Speaking of routines! I was invited to attend an online meeting for a quilt guild. Just as a guest. The meeting ran from 7 - 9 PM. Hmm - do I want to attend? At first, I wasn't going to, but I wanted to - just to see how it was run. And to touch base with some of the others that I hadn't seen in quite a while. Part of the reason I didn't want to attend was that I'm enjoying my absolutely free evenings. I have dinner, go for a walk and read or whatever. It's a routine that I'm really enjoying.

Can you believe it? I have to admit that being in lockdown (or whatever you want to call it) has me really enjoying scheduling my own time!! Anyway, I went for half of my usual evening walk and still had time to log into the meeting. I'm glad I did. I fired up the sewing machine and sewed while I watched everyone show off their sewing spaces. Holy --- I have NO REASON to complain about my area. Some people are sewing in unfinished basements next to the washer and dryer. I'm in sewing heaven in my space. Although some people have taken over their living rooms, which I might consider should I ever be on my own!

I bought this metal sunflower for the backyard last year. One of the petals had fallen off, and Shelly fixed it for me. I finally got some wire attached to it and hung it up last week - a great addition to the metalwork in the backyard. Best kind of flowers ever - no watering and they are always there! I know - not good for the bees, but they can play in the water lilies.

Sunflower in the backyard

Here's a pet peeve of mine. Why does a certain company NEED such HUGE plugs???  That would be the white one. And now another colossal company that also starts with A decides that their devices also require these giant plugs. So a 6-plug power bar can only accommodate four items. Why is that?

A power bar that can't be filled because of HUGE plugs

I did a lot of puttering yesterday. Got the rest of those huge chunks of orange backing fabrics measured and on the shelf. Did some trimming of half-square triangles that I use as enders and leaders.

Half-square triangles

More half-square triangles

My goal is to trim as I sew. That's the only way - otherwise, I'll be trimming for days!!!

I had a wee peek at my retreat laundry basket to ensure things were prepped. I decided to change one thing on my backpack, so now I have to find more fabric so I can make different straps. That's a job for today.

I did get all those diamonds (tumbling blocks quilts) marked with the seam intersections the other day when I was on a call! And while I listened to the guild meeting, I sewed some more on my paper pieced blocks (muted, of course!)

I also got most of the quilts trimmed yesterday. I have to send out e-mails today to notify everyone that their quilts are ready for pickup.

And I had to get more kits ready for Diane. She's a machine! As fast as I get the quilts quilted and bound to drop off for Quilts of Valour, she's whipping up new tops! I'm giving her FOUR more kits today. That should slow her down a bit, but I think she's dropping off three completed tops! Here's the thing - if you like to sew and you don't need/want another quilt - sewing a community project quilt is a good alternative.

And I have to say that almost NOTHING is sacred in my personal fabric stash these days. As I'm rifling through the baskets to find coordinating fabrics, I'm mentally getting ready to let more go. I've flipped through the pink basket a couple of times in the last couple of days and seriously???  Most of that just needs to be bundled into a kit (or two or three or four) and be made up and given away. Oh, yes - this is HUGE. I can't wait to get rid of what's already set aside so we can move forward into getting rid of more stuff.

Now, I could donate these fabrics to someone else, but what's the point of that? I still get the pleasure of working with my fabrics, and I get to see the final quilt, and I get to decide where that quilt goes. I bought all that darn fabric - I want SOME enjoyment out of it!!!

Speaking of which, I got another quilt done for Quilts of Valour yesterday. Yeah!!!! I think (but not 100% sure) that this is the LAST quilt of the shirting. NO - it's not the last, I know of one more, but it's not large enough for Quilts of Valour.

Quilts of Valour quilt - DONE

 Guess what I found this morning as I loaded the next quilt onto the long arm? Yep - a gold thread on the fabric leader. God - that stuff went everywhere!

Gold thread!

OK -- so I have to show you my position on the map on my walk between Saskatoon and Regina. Susan - this one is for you! I'm the closest to you that I'll ever be on this walk. So I'm waving! Can you see me waving?

My position on the map between Saskatoon and Regina

The reason I shared that is because of this picture that Susan shared with me last week. Do you know what this is??? It's a WILD BOAR! Yes - this area has wild boars, and they are very dangerous! They were "introduced" into the area several years ago, and they run wild through the fields. Thanks for the heads up, Susan!

Wild boar

On that note, I've got food for today, no appointments, no phone calls, and a ton of things I want to get accomplished. It's going to be a focused kind of day - just like every other day! Don't worry - I do get enough free time to keep me happy although I haven't sat in the gazebo for a day or two! But I walked over 18,000 steps yesterday, so don't worry that I'm stuck in the house and sewing all day!!!

Don't forget the Virtual Retreat tomorrow and Sunday. This is the link for SATURDAY. I'll post the Sunday link tomorrow.

Here's the link for Saturday, June 13th   The Retreat starts at 9 AM EST and runs until 8 PM EST. 

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 827 9514 0672 Password: 928966

Feel free to drop in for a few minutes to say hi or stay for an hour or stay all day. Your choice and it's free for you to participate. You don't even have to be sewing - just come and chat. As I said yesterday, it's very close to being right there with everyone. It's a lot of fun. 

Have a super day!!!!



  1. The cords with usb connectors on them, like the white one in the picture, can be plugged into a usb jack. Many power bars have usb jacks now, eliminating the need for the transformer (big White cube).
    The transformers are a convenience for the manufacturer, allowing them to use all the same pieces, except the transformer, no matter where in the world they are selling a product. The transformer is the only part that needs CSA approval to be sold in Canada.

    1. AHA --- see someone knows this stuff. The only problem - I don't have a power bar with a USB jack and I don't
      see the need to go and buy new ones! Alas - it all boils down to convenience for the manufacturer and for me to buy new stuff. Sigh...............

  2. However, not all USB ports charge at the same rate. If it is something that stays plugged in, no problem. But if it is something like your phone that you unplug frequently, some of the alternate USB ports charge slowly. You need to check the power rating so you know what the charge rate is.

    1. Thanks Linda --- I do know that with my phone, I have fast charge and slow charge plugs. Just drives me crazy - why can't we have standard stuff?