Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Sewing up a storm

I spent a LOT of time on the phone yesterday - partially for work and partly just to chat. Through an offhand comment, I MIGHT, and I'm holding my breath, but I MIGHT be able to install Android Car Play on my phone. OH MY GOSH -- I'm so excited that I don't know what to do. What irks me is that Toyota did NOT send out any notification that this was possible, and of course, I never wrote my letter of frustration to them.

I'm not sure that I'm going to have time today to look at that, but I'm hoping that I'll get a chance. This could be VERY exciting and will end the frustration of attempting to use that bizarre navigation system that they put in the car. Let's just pray that this software upgrade is not for the top models in that line. I'll scream if it is.

Oh my gosh -- I now have so much paperwork sitting here - it's totally crazy. I don't know that I'll get to it today, but I hope to. Just because some of it is going to become urgent soon if I don't get moving. While I don't mind the pressure, it's best for me and everyone else if there isn't the pressure.

We had a super Zoom meeting yesterday with the Monday sewing ladies. Not everyone attends the Zoom meeting. Imagine - some people don't like Zoom. I find that very hard to understand. They would prefer to sew by themselves or do something else rather than just open up the Zoom window and sit there and stitch. Well, everyone has their own level of tolerance with Zoom.

Yes, I miss getting together, but really, I don't. I'm happy as a clam with Zoom. I'm way more productive, and I get out of the house for several hours every day - either walking the dogs or errands, so I don't feel the need to get out more. I like my home. If I didn't, then I suppose I would need to get out more.

I think a lot has to do with our backgrounds - I grew up on a farm with no sisters, and my two brothers were mostly working with my Dad (or so it seemed). While I did have chores, I also spent oodles of time by myself with no electronics to entertain me - not even a radio. So I learned how to entertain myself, and I'm quite happy by myself. But I love the conversations that we have on our Zoom chats.

I made excellent progress on the Summer Moon project. I'm not quite finished yet. There's a LOT to do on that quilt. But I figure one more hour and absolutely everything would be up-to-date. I've got enough done for the class on Saturday, but I want to be totally up-to-date. Maybe later today. I need to get the presentation ready and the written homework, so if I get that done today, I'd be a happy camper.

So - I can't share that with you!

But I did get two more rows together on the disappearing nine-patch. It's coming along nicely. I had to change TWO squares this morning because the fabrics were side by side. How that happened, I've no idea.

Disappearing nine-patch

I think there are 12 rows left to sew. And the rows are getting shorter, so hopefully, they'll go a bit faster. Sewing the blocks together is no big deal - it's the pressing of the seams on the back that takes forever, and half of the blocks have to be flipped and restitched. That's what slows me down.

Then I need to cut those setting triangles so I can start sewing the rows together. So far, it's sticking to the design wall rather nicely!

Oh my god - I almost did, but I didn't. As I was walking the dogs yesterday, I spotted a candy wrapper in the grass. I ALMOST picked it up! I could make a zippered pouch with it! Then for a long time during the day, I thought I could walk to the mall and get a package of candy. Something that I don't like, of course! But there was no time for that.

Candy wrapper in the grass

I had a few spare minutes this morning, so I decided to empty another IKEA bag from that mess at the bottom of the stairs. What did I discover?  Oh yes - I have to say thank you to everyone who is taking things off my hands. I've had a taker for each of the items. I still need to send them an e-mail to that effect - that's for this morning.

I found a purple separating zipper. Why? Why would I buy a purple separating zipper? No idea. It's now with the rest of the zippers.

A zipper

I also found a brand new seam ripper. Good grief - I need that! I hope everyone knows that seam rippers do get dull!

 A brand new seam ripper

Next, I found spools of cotton thread. Five of them. Why were they tossed in the bag? No idea.

Spools of thread
 Ooops - found one more spool of thread. All the thread is now in the thread storage box.

One more spool of thread

This is totally silly. Why were those threads out, or why didn't they get put away? I just shake my head and glad that I'm dealing with this stuff instead of having someone go through those bags when I'm no longer here. What a job that would be, and I'd bet that most of the stuff would get tossed. Now that these spools of thread are with the other thread, it's easy to deal with a HUGE pile of thread instead of random spools.

I found a hunk of Christmas fabric. I remember taking it out of the stash room (years ago) for some reason, but what? It's now back with the Christmas fabric.

Christmas fabric

Speaking of Christmas, I found these two small ornaments. No, Katheleen - you can't have them. I decided this should go in the pile of ephemera that I'm collecting to do art journals, and those ornaments went there.

Christmas ornaments

I also found this journal. I didn't buy it - it was a freebie with some order that I placed. I HATE freebies unless it's something that I really want. I've decided to keep it for now - there are cute pictures of quilts and stuff that I might be able to use in the art journaling area. I won't need to search out any supplies for the art journaling - I've got more than enough, and surprisingly, most of that stuff is organized.

Agenda from 2016

 I found this gorgeous piece of Canada fabric. Why did I buy it? No idea, but it's now with all the rest of my Canada themed fabric. It'll probably end up in a Quilts of Valour.

Canada fabric

Have you noticed that I had not yet found any new projects or UFOs? That's the thing - most of the stuff that was languishing is NOT UFOs as I suspected. This is actually great news. This next item is a UFO and consists of block kits that I bought at the yard sale at the Textile Museum. Yes - it was years ago. Some of the blocks are pieced, some are not. It's now in the UFO tub, and of course, it's on the list for that tub.

 AH -- I found three small kits for making felted wool projects. I put these in the tub of current projects. They would easy to decorate, and then they could be used. That tub of current projects is getting big.

Felted wool kits

I also found this little kit. It was a block from a shop hop years ago. I didn't get the rest of the blocks, but it would a cute little wall hanging or mug rug. It's now in the current projects box. Actually, these small items would be great to work on during a Virtual Retreat or even an in-person one.

A pumpkin block

Speaking of retreats, here's the new basket for the in-person sewing retreat. It's totally empty at this point as the next retreat is months away. As we get closer, I'll see what I can put in there. Most likely, I'll go through the box of current projects and put a few things in. See - I'm getting very organized. Not there yet, but getting there. And isn't this basket way prettier than a laundry basket?

The new retreat basket

I found a small glass bowl that was partially filled with odds and ends. Why? Why didn't those nails go back in the box with the nails? I have another container for odd screws. Not that I'm likely to ever use them, but everyone I knew growing up had containers of various screws, etc. I'm a farmer's daughter - I need that container!

I also found this miniature screwdriver. What the heck is this from??? No idea, but it's going in the case with my other mini screwdrivers.

Mini screwdriver

And what's this small piece of plastic from? No idea. This will go in the garbage!!!

A piece of plastic

But isn't that incredible?? Out of one more IKEA bag, there was only one sewing project. The rest was supplies that should have been put in their home years ago, and it's one less bag to trip over. Remember, things that do NOT have a home or are not in their home are CLUTTER. Clutter is NOT junk - it's just items that are not in their proper place.

This area still looks like a mess. That's because I brought two more bags down from upstairs. I should not bring any more down (there are still a few - but less than 10!!). I need to get a handle on this pile before I bring any more stuff down. But by the time I sort through these and put things away, I may just have room for everything. I do know that there's a LOT (I think) of UFOs in some of those bags, but they should all fit in that remaining tub.
What I still need to sort through

 The bottom line is that every item that gets put in the right place is one more step in the right direction. This is going to get finished. No shoving things into another bag and leaving it for years. Deal with it now. Imagine how much more time I'm going to have when I can STOP managing my stuff. No more moving it, no more searching for things, no more sorting. That's going to be HUGE!!!!

I'm marching right along on my Virtual Mission. I didn't walk too much on the days of the Virtual Retreat, but I'm now less than 600 miles to go to finish the Route 66 walk. Yahoo!!!!  Based on my walking average, I've got a goal date when I'll finish. So we'll see if I can achieve that date. Don't worry - you'll all know what the date is as I get nearer to it!!!

The mileage left on Route 66

Well, that's it for today. I've got to get moving! IT's going to be a busy day!!!

Have you unearthed any treasures at your house???

Have a super day!!!


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