Wednesday, August 19, 2020

It's a good day!

OK -- I know that I sound a wee bit repetitive here. But it was a good day. Except for the fact that someone called me on the weekend and I promised to get in touch with them this week and do you think I can't find the phone number? Yep - I wrote it on a slip of paper, and well, I can't find that paper. I could go back to my phone calls, but there are several unknowns on that list. Oh, shoot - well, I must look harder today. Sigh............. 

I'll just have to put my thinking cap on while I'm at the gym this morning. Yep - I'm on the way to spin class today, so we'll see how that goes.

I did get a lot done yesterday, and I'm happy about that. Let me share with you a neighbor story first. So I got excited yesterday as there was a tree service truck on the street. Could it be? No. It was not for this neighbor. The people who live in this house are very secluded. You never see a car parked in their drive, you never see them outside or extremely rarely. And look at this crazy tree on the FRONT LAWN.

A tree on the front lawn

Yes - there is a house behind that tree. I took this next picture from a different angle. The only way that you know someone lives there is the garbage is out every week.

Yes - there is a house behind that tree

Actually, this house is filled with paranoid people as the number of disposable wipe containers in their recycling is crazy, and that was BEFORE COVID. And in the 17 years, I lived on the street, and they were here before we were, I've never seen lights on in that house.

The good news is that I did see a car parked in their drive the other day and it was for a tree service, but not the one that I saw yesterday. That's why I snapped the photos because perhaps they are going to get the tree chopped down. It's not really a tree, but more of a shrub, I guess that's gotten out of control. It's going to be a mess to get rid of it. But the center of it is becoming empty, and something needs to be done.

Nope, the tree service was for this house. I snapped this picture - honestly, I would be happy with that Japanese maple on my front lawn.

The tree that needs trimming
 I guess it does look better with a little trim.

The tree after it was trimmed

Oh, the small things that amuse me on the walk!

Well, I made significant progress on the bindings for the quilts. I made the last binding and got it sewn onto the quilt. I sewed two more bindings onto two more quilts. So all six now have the binding stitched onto the back.

Six quilts ready to be finished off

I got the binding completely sewn onto this quilt. That's for Quilts of Valour.

One quilt - done

And I got the binding stitched on this next one, which is also for Quilts of Valour.

The second quilt - DONE

That leaves four more to stitch down the binding, which takes me about a half-hour to do by the time I find the right thread colors etc. I'll likely get it completed tomorrow as I have more important things to do today.

I did get some more quilting done on the custom quilt. I made good progress, and it's not quite half done. There are twenty 14-inch blocks, so it takes a bit of time to get the quilting done on them.

Quilt block on the custom quilt

I'm doing a stipple in the background and will go back do some detail in the larger flowers to tack them down. The borders are being quilted as I go, and I'll have to come back and think about that sashing. The bottom line, I hope to be finished by the weekend.

Stipple quilting in the background

And I got a package in the mail yesterday. Not the camera that I hope arrived by 4 PM today, but more fabric. Yep - there's stuff in here to make two quilts that are due in the US by September 8. So NOT my fault that it's going to be another rush job. The big problem with getting stuff that's hot off the presses - it takes time to get shipped. Thankfully, the quilts are NOT big, so it shouldn't take that long to put them together and get them quilted.

Fabric for two more quilts

After these two are done, I have NOTHING on the slate for magazines. Well, that's not true. I do have a couple, and I'll need to get to work on those. Still waiting on a huge bundle of fabric so I can start on another project. It's delayed because of COVID.

There's a pattern to write, and oh yes - nothing is ever done! BUT things are under control. That's what I care about - things are under control.

I also spent quite a bit of time starting to prepare for the presentation tonight. That's going to be my main focus today is getting the technology set up and the props and whatever else that I need. The first time for each one is going to be the hardest. Once the first one is done, the next one will be easy.

I'm not sure if you saw this article, but when sewing machines make the news on CNN, you know it's big!!  YES -- there's a HUGE shortage of sewing machines. You can't find one of the mid to lower-end sewing machines anywhere. They are trying to fill the backlogs, but it's taking time to get them made and shipped. Anyway, it's an interesting read - don't forget to watch the video as well. That age-old question to sell or donate masks. If you're in the business of making things to sell - why shouldn't you make the masks and sell them?

I do need to make a couple more masks for us. They have become a real fashion accessory. Yet, in my area, I see tons of people with disposable masks. How boring!

Don't forget the Virtual Retreat this weekend. I'm fired up and ready to sew! Not sure what I'm going to sew yet, but I doubt that I'll have any trouble finding something. Here's the link to the Saturday retreat. Stop by to say hi or join in the sewing. See you then!!

Saturday, August 22, Starts at 9 AM EST.

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 860 7788 7280 Passcode: 721457

On that note, I'm out of here and off to the gym.

Have a great day!!!!


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