Saturday, September 9, 2023

Classes starting October 2023

I am NOT a medical expert, but someone commented on the blog about my knee issue. They suggested that the meniscus was FOLDED rather than compressed (as was my description). The traction separated the joint enough for it to unfold, which was a super easy fix for a very painful situation. WOW -- that makes total sense. Let's say that I will keep that fix in mind for the future. 

Can you see me on a future hike, trying to engage someone in pulling HARD on my leg to open up the knee joint? Yep -- I can just see that happening. Or sitting on the top bunk with my backpack strapped to my foot to pull the knee joint open. Trust me -- one needs to be prepared! 

That treatment does NOT fix the underlying issue, which is likely a torn meniscus, and I really need to get in touch with the doctor to see the status. However, the treatment was enough to get me back to where I was before I left. 

I had three things I wanted to accomplish yesterday. Guess what? All three are done! Maybe I need to look at each day with only three things, and anything else is a bonus? I got a small customer quilt done. 

Customer quilt - DONE

I had a machine embroidery to do. Hmm -- I'm not sure I can share it with you at this point. So you have to hang on for that one. But let's say that it was super exciting and super easy once I got the correct file information in my hands. 

And the last of the articles is gone! So all the writing is done for the moment - yeah!! And I can breathe easily. That allows me time to get back to the paperwork. 

I want to thank those who have already signed up for my classes. You are all so kind with the comments, and I get a chuckle over some of them -- needing to get their fix with me! Thank you all for your support -- it means a lot to me. It's why I keep teaching. But darn -- you are also making it hard to even think about retiring!!!!

So here's a recap of the new classes I'm teaching starting this fall. Please note that ALL my classes are open to any skill level. There is only one prerequisite, and I've mentioned it below. 


The Hobby Horse  -- Sign-up is on the website. I have NOT acknowledged anyone who has signed up!! Both classes are one hour each month on Zoom!!! The dates and more details are available at the links below. 

Panels -- This is a three-part series (October to December) on panels. How they are made, dealing with their odd sizes, ideas, and inspiration on what to do with them. Sign up for this class if you have panels at your house and have no idea what to do with them. 

Free Motion quilting -- this is also a three-part series (October to December) on everything free motion quilting. The beauty of this class is that you get to practice for a month, and then I can offer suggestions for perfecting your stitches!!! 


Thimbles and Things -- Sign-up is on the website. I have acknowledged everyone who has signed up for both of these classes. So, if you have NOT received an e-mail, let me know. Scroll down on that link to get the detailed class info. All classes are one hour per month on Zoom.

Tequila Lime -- a 9-part class where we'll pull apart this intricate paper-pieced pattern and then put it back together again! If you are stumped with a similar Quiltoworx pattern, you should take the first couple of classes, as I'll show you how to dissect the pattern so you can quickly put it back together!

PREREQUISITE --- You MUST know how to paper-piece to take this class. 

Applique Techniques - a 9-part class where we will investigate everything related to applique. We'll talk about tools, supplies, techniques, and how to choose which type to use for your favorite pattern. No pattern is required for this one -- we'll be making samples and/or using a pattern you already have! 


Heartfelt Sampler --- this is a class that I'm running myself, so sign-up is with me. Many of you have already expressed an interest, and I'll send out information later today. Sorry for the delay on that. If you are interested in this one -- send me an e-mail (if you haven't already) at 

Heartfelt Sampler

It's a 9-part class (October to June) on Zoom, where we'll take a few blocks each month, discuss options for piecing and pressing, and then you get to put it together. It's a straightforward pattern, so it will be a relaxed sew-along, and we will see what everyone else is doing through our private Facebook page. It's the type of class where you can go rogue! Play with color, play with blocks -- we're going to have loads of fun!!!!!


As if that isn't enough -- if you're into machine embroidery, I also have several offerings. 

I'll be teaching the mySewnet embroidery software at two stores. The topics are different at both -- I don't have a list of the topics at hand, but if you have this software and it's just sitting there -- you may want to check this out. I was totally intimidated by this software when I first got it many years ago. I'm still learning it and will always be learning something new with it. However, when you see what you can do, you'll be happy you signed up. 

A couple of things to note about the mySewnet embroidery software

  • There are three levels of the software, and we'll be covering topics in all three levels. 
  • You do not have to buy it. You can subscribe to it -- NEW lower prices for the monthly subscription. 
  • If you do NOT have machine embroidery software and want to try it -- subscribing for one year is an excellent test. 
  • You may also have a 90-trial if you've bought a new PFAFF or Husqvarna Viking sewing machine. 
  • Do NOT buy the subscription online --- call your local dealer to get subscribed. 
  • This software works with ALL brands of embroidery machines. 
  • You do NOT need a top-of-the-line embroidery machine -- any embroidery machine works! 

All classes are one hour per month via Zoom. Please contact one of the following stores (or both) to find out the class topics, dates, and pricing. 


I'm also running a dedicated software class on machine embroidery applique. We will use the mySewnet software to discuss applique options, from using existing designs and tools in our embroidery machines to creating our custom applique designs. I believe it's 9 months long (going from memory here!), so be sure to call the store, get the details, and sign up. It promises to be loads of fun!!!!

Brampton Sew and Serge (Brampton)  905-874-1564

All classes are on Zoom!!!


Wow --- that's super exciting!!!! I can't wait to start, but first, I see some prep work in the future. But most won't take that long! And I'm getting very good at whipping presentations together. Once you get the hang of the technology - anything is possible!!!!

On that note, I'm out of here. I have another three things to complete today and hopefully a few extras!

Have a super day!!


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  1. In order to fully diagnose your knee problem, I believe you will need an MRI. So you do need to see your practitioner so that you can get the MRI done. Then you will really know what is wrong with your knee and make a plan accordingly.
    I'm glad that the Physio has made a significant improvement in your daily functioning. Keep walking!