Friday, April 19, 2019

It's all about technology

I just couldn't do it. I could NOT leave you without something to read this morning.

And depending on when you read it, I'm likely on a plane on the way home. It's night and I've moved hotels so I'm closer to the airport and can take the shuttle bright and early. Heck - it'll be before the sun shines that I'll be out of here.

I think I arrived at the hotel after 10 PM. I joked with the guy at the desk if it would be OK if I crashed on the couch in the lobby for the night. He chuckled and gave me a room key! I guess he wasn't impressed.

Today was an amazing day!!!!  I did two events today. Both of them were super fun - one involved a hands-on project which almost everyone finished so that was exciting. The second one was a lecture/trunk show on quilting. My favorite topic!!!  I was so good that I inspired myself! I need to get home and hit the sewing/embroidery machine. The ideas are leaking out of my brain. STOP!!!!

Where's some paper - where's a pen? Let's get these ideas down!! Heck - I've already so many ideas written down, I can't deal with more.

But it was great and the hospitality of the folks in Atlantic Canada? They're the BEST!!!  I just love them all.

So when I finally got all my luggage into my hotel room, it was time to repack everything so it would fit into one big suitcase, one small suitcase, and one backpack. I'm just so not used to carrying that much luggage. I did buy a couple of things at the store I was at today, so hopefully, I'll still be OK on the weight.

To help alleviate the weight issue - at least as far as my luggage is concerned, I was a wee bit hungry when I arrived at the hotel room so I'm eating the Easter chocolate that I received yesterday. That should lighten the load a wee bit! I know - eating chocolate? It's allowed - just not every day!!!

I realize how productive time in a hotel is for me. I dug out my electronic friends - the iPad, the laptop, and the smartphone and I use them all. But that darn iPad was driving me crazy. I love the iPad because I can download all the manuals that I need to reference on it and then it's easy to have them handy, but for the life of me, I couldn't figure out the stupid controls in iBooks. Do I swipe up or down, or left or right. How about a pinch or a press? What the heck - why can't I get the menu????

After a quick texting conversation with Ronda, I finally figured it out. It's a slight FLICK upward to make the menus appear. Seriously???  Not a big swipe because that does something else. It's a slight flick. Who would have thought??  Doesn't matter - it makes me hate Apple even more that it's that stupid and yet I would be lost without my manuals on the bloody iPad.

Now that I've figured that out, using the manuals will be a whole easier!!! Not sure how I did it before. It was hit and miss.

On that note, it's very late and I must get a wee bit of sleep before I'm up and out the door. Would have been a whole lot cheaper to sleep on the couch in the lobby for the few hours I'm here.

Have a super day!!!!



  1. After spending weeks shredding client files I'm now completely virtual! I love your idea of downloading manuals instead of having them take up space and trying to remember where you put them when you need them. My office is almost packed and now client and manuals are in the cloud. Today is the quilt room. My Mom's coming over to help and hopefully we'll get it all done. I've decided not to purge any more fabric or books because I want to quilt in retirement and it just doesn't make financial sense to get rid of fabric and then buy more in a couple of years. We have room in our storage unit for the bins so that's where it will go. I'll have 10 kits cut ready to work on while travelling along with my trusty Pfaff 2044, some notions, rulers and thread.

    1. Holy -- the adventure is about to begin and I'm so excited for you! Yes - don't purge too much -it's not like you're never going to sew again! Get those kits cut so you can pack the rest away! And should you run out of sewing before you hit the locker? I could help with that!

  2. Oops travels!