Tuesday, April 20, 2021

All is calm......................

 Oh my god!!!!  I'm so excited! Can you believe that I'm feeling under control? The homework is mostly written and sent out. I forgot to include a couple of small things for one group, and it will get tidied up today. The sewing part of the homework is pretty much up-to-date. The writing is mostly up-to-date. I told you this would happen! You just need a little bit of faith! Through it all, I've kept up the walking and some of the gazebo time. 

I did have one small SNAFU this morning. I was looking for one last picture, and do you think I could find it? Nope. So I went to my phone and there it was. I'm in the process of uploading it to my computer. For some reason, the file structure has changed how it normally appears on my screen. That happened after Microsoft was on my computer. SIGH! Will I ever get this thing straightened out? I just do NOT like change. 

Well, that's not true  - I'm good with change. I just don't know how to get this file structure back to what it looked like before, and well - the view that I have isn't easy to read. Needless to say, I thought I would be smart and MOVE my photo and well - now I can't find it! GRR!!!!!  

No worries - I'll get another picture today, but I thought I was all done. Apparently not! However, as I searched for that photo, I found piles and piles of GARBAGE on my computer. I really do need to have a major deleting session. Tons of photos taken for a specific reason, and there's no need to keep them. Perhaps it's almost time when I can actually start working on the sorting of files on the computer. 

I was going to show you the homework for Long Time Gone today, but I have other stuff to share with you, so I'll do that today. 

Remember that I've mentioned finding empty spots in Studio B? Well, I pulled out the next UFO, which left a big gap on one of the shelves. 

A gap on the project shelf in Studio B

As I've mentioned, there are a few things still upstairs that need to be consolidated into Studio B, but I'm not going to bring it down until there is room. 

So back upstairs, where I have one more plastic shelving unit that didn't have a ton of stuff in it. 

An empty plastic shelving unit

I emptied the cabinet and found homes for most of the stuff. I put some of the smaller things into a basket, which filled that little space on the shelf. 

A basket of projects fill the empty space

Yeah -- so that effort last week and yesterday emptied THREE cabinets that were upstairs. All three cabinets were brought downstairs and put to better use. 

Oh - I found a coordinated bundle of fabric. No pattern. Seriously?? It's now in the stash room where it belongs! I remember buying this because it was pretty. What to do with it? No idea. But I still like it!

A coordinated bundle of fabric

And here's the other open space that I had recently found, and so two containers of stuff went in that spot. All neatly organized. Not labeled, but that's OK. None of it is earth-shattering stuff. Perhaps one month for UFO, I should put 10 small things almost finished on the list. Well -- I'll find a use for the stuff in a class at some time. I also have the blog posts for QUILTsocial, a good place to finish some of the small projects. 

Another empty spot filled 

So back to the table in front of my film area. I removed most of this and put it into the new cabinet that I brought downstairs. It fits UNDER the table, and now things look a whole lot neater. 

The table in front of the film area

I made room on the bookcase for the books. 

The box of books in on the bookcase

And that table looks like this now. 

Nice and clean

Some of that stuff in the last container needs to be sorted, and most of it can go into that same cabinet that's now hiding under the table. 

I need to retake pictures because it's starting to look pretty spiffy down there. And should we ever get to the point where someone can come over, it wouldn't take long to have space to sew for several people. I'm still working on the current projects table - it's better, but still a LOT of stuff to work on there. 

Oh, look - I finally got the binding completely stitched by hand on this quilt. I only started the binding process; how many years ago?? 

The binding is on my quilt - by HAND

I have one other quilt that needs a binding, but the quilt must be blocked first. 

I got one more of the small flannel quilts quilted yesterday.  I'm trying all kinds of patterns on the long arm. I LOVE how the square one worked out. It's much easier and safer to experiment on these quilts than on a customer quilt. So I'm digging a few more out. Although the next one to go on is for a customer. 

Community project quilt

Detail of the quilting

And I see that there's a bud on the tulips. I wonder how long that will stay before the rabbits or some other critter finds it??

A bud on the tulip - only one!

The lily pads are growing like crazy, and I see that two leaves hit the surface yesterday!! Soon the fish will have a nice place to hide without going deep into the pond. 

The lily pads are on the surface!

Remember the Rose of Sharon that my neighbor has, and we wondered if it were two bushes or one? Well, it's two - actually more than two. And they seem to be different styles? Hmm - I don't know, but maybe I need to plant one. The flowers are gorgeous. Maybe there are trees and bushes? 

Rose of Sharon

Another busy day. Not a crazy busy day, but just busy. I have one task to do that I've been putting off, and well, I need it for my presentation tonight, so I can't put it off any longer! Yep - a last-minute girl, but I'm getting better. One small writing assignment to finish, and the rest of the day is mine! 

Then I'm going to start working on the stuff that I need for next week and try to get the last bits of the homework caught up! 

Our tidy-up job is going to be our computer. Whether it's photos, e-mails, or old files that you no longer need. It's time to get rid of some of that stuff. 

On that note, I'm out of here. 

Have a super day!!!!


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