Friday, April 9, 2021

Down the rabbit hole..............


Another excellent day! It's so warm that I didn't even wear a jacket when I walked the girls in the morning. Summer is around the corner! But first -let's enjoy spring. And yes - I was out in the gazebo yesterday. I think I might need to install a hammock in there! A little bar fridge and well - I could live in that darn gazebo! It's my favorite place, to say the least. 

I had some computer work to do, so I wasn't totally slacking off while enjoying the sun. I had some research to do and found exactly what I was looking for. Now I have a wee bit of homework ahead of me, and I'm good to go! All in the name of learning and keeping ahead of the students! 

You cannot help but be entertained by the girls. They are hilarious, and well, one of them is definitely an attention seeker. Do you know which one? I don't think we even need to say her name - we all know who I'm talking about. I swear she's so intelligent and yet...................

We don't have much for plants in the backyard, yet Murphy thinks this little flower bed is for her! 

Mom, Can I lay here?

NO Murphy - plants are growing there. 

How about here? Can I lay here? 

NO -- plants are growing there as well. 

Mom, can we play hide and seek? Can you find me?

Yes, Murphy, I can see you - barely, but I know you're there because you made so much noise getting there. 

You can't see me!!!

And even Murphy needs some major downtime! And her stress bear is never far away. 

Mom -- look, no plants! 

It's along this side of the house that she can look into the studio windows and see me. And she knows to do that! 

What a big goof! Actually, she likes to sit beside the house in the trees because she thinks she's going to catch a rabbit that lives under the deck! Oh, Murphy!

When we were in the forest yesterday, I noticed that the rocks are still there, but the bookcase was gone. And there was a city truck driving through the forest. Not sure if they were checking for gatherings - they did when we had our initial lock-down or just checking for maintenance things. Anyway, the bookcase was gone. 

The bookcase is gone

But look at the forest - isn't it glorious?? 

The forest

 I realize there are no leaves on the trees, but the buds are there! We are just so fortunate to have this space so close to the house. Well, it's right behind our backyard fence! And that green space, more than the house, was the selling feature for me! 

Now the rabbit hole? Nope - that's not for the rabbit that lives in the backyard. It's for The Quilt Show website. I signed up for the 7-day free trial, which will kick into a year-long subscription in a week. Oh boy --- I watched two shows from the 400 series. So much to learn from all these quilters! It's well worth the $50 US for the year. I just need to REMEMBER to watch!! Then I found the current block of the month, sew along (which I won't be doing), more classes from a ton of teachers, and well - that will keep me entertained for a LONG, LONG time. 

And I have some of our own material from SVP that provides HOURS of entertainment and learning. Yes - it's time to get glued to the computer screen and put the audiobooks away. At least for a little bit. No podcasts yesterday, although I subscribed to a new one - thanks to a reader!!!

I managed to get the quilt top together. OK - it's almost together. I'm working on the borders. Half of the inner border is done, and the rest is ready to go right after our walk. I'll finish it easily today. I see it's raining outside, so I might have to stay inside all day. I've got videos lined up - I'm good!!!!

I got half of one of the Snail's Trail blocks done. These are my mini design boards!

Pieces for the Snail's Trail blocks

And can you tell me where this red thread came from? Seriously - I'm not working on anything red!

The red thread from nowhere

I got more paperwork out of the way, and I'm good! Not exactly as much fun or as productive as the sewing retreat, but that's OK. Things are getting done, and that's all I care about. 

Look what got delivered to my door yesterday. A gorgeous embroidered mask!! I've already tested it out as I had to go to the post office - AGAIN this week. Thanks, Diane!!!!

Embroidered mask

Yep - I'm almost on a first-name basis with the lady at the post office. Amazingly, there is almost always someone in the line either before or after me. People are sending tons of stuff!!! 

On that note, I'm out of here! I need to finish up this quilt top, make the binding, and get the backing done so it can go on the long arm. This one doesn't have to be totally finished for a month, but it would be nice to get it done. Then I need to get to work on that other one that is due on Monday. And I'll try to limit my time in the backyard! HA!! OK -- I can take the computer out there and watch videos! 

 Have a super day!!!!


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