Saturday, April 17, 2021

Tula Pink Show and Tell

 I have two crazy weekends every month, and I'm in the middle of one of them, and I feel totally under control! Seriously?? OK -- so I have a few pictures to put into the presentation for this morning, but that doesn't take long. I've finally got masters of everything and learning how to upload last minute pictures from people - the technology (for the most part) is set up and working like a charm (knock on wood). 

I do have a few e-mails to answer today, and I've lots of work to do this afternoon, but I'm in good shape! Plus, I feel 100% this morning. I had a deep sleep and even dreamt of one of the local quilt shops and how they recently moved (they did, in fact, move), and I wasn't part of it - but I dreamt that I was there! Where did that come from?

We had our Tula Pink class last night. What a fun class - the participants are learning tons - I'm learning tons, and we have a lot of fun. This would NOT be the same thing if not on Zoom. Actually, thank goodness for Zoom - no travel time, so that means I can work until the LAST minute, run over to the film studio area - upload that last-minute picture, and appear calm, cool, and collected! What fun! 

Let's see what we have for Show and Tell this morning. 

Here's the book that we're working from. 

100 Modern Quilt Blocks by Tula Pink

Here's the color grid quilt in the book that many of us are working from. 

Color Grid quilt in the book

Barb is making the color grid version of the quilt. She didn't quite get all the homework done. Hey - some of the ladies work full-time, so they have time restrictions to deal with.


Carol is also doing the color grid version of the quilt. WOW  - those graphic black prints look amazing. It makes me want to make a quilt using graphic black and white and colors!


Dede is using up black and white scraps! It looks awesome. 



Kathy has some happy accidents in her blocks. I love when we try something, and oops - we have to move to plan B. That's works just fine - no one says we have to do it just like the book! She has some fussy cut elements in there as well. I don't have any fussy cut images in my quilt - perhaps, I'm going to have to put ONE in there. 


Liz is using a lot of Kaffe Fassett fabrics, and of course, those colors are rich! It's going to be a stunning quilt. 


Lynn is also working on the color grid version of the quilt. These blocks by themselves look OK. 


But when you see her first three rows - WOW.  She's done a fabulous job of moving from the red to the yellows to the blues. It's going to be awesome!! It's interesting to see the diagonal row of yellow - it shows up light and bright - like there's a light behind the quilt!! 

Lynn's first three rows

Maryke is also working on the color grid. Here are her blocks for this month. 


And here are her blocks from last month. I don't think they made it into the show and tell. These colors are so rich and saturated - it's going to be gorgeous. I'm not just saying that because of all these beautiful orange blocks!


This next set of blocks belong to Monia. The use of those bold graphic black and white prints is stunning. Oh yes - I want to make one!!! And just like that - I have the next colorway for a quilt. See why anyone can learn something from these sessions!! 

Here are all of Monica's blocks to date. They look amazing!!! Those not following the colors in the grid quilt will have to wait until the blocks are finished before they can lay them out. You would want to balance the light and dark blocks so they don't end up in one corner. 


The next set of blocks are Morgan's! Despite her good intentions, she made TWO cross blocks. I love how different they both look. YES - they are both pink but look totally different. 


Here are her homework blocks for this month. I see she had loads of fun with the fussy cutting!! Can you see the raccoon peeking through the window??


And here are all of her blocks. It's interesting how our blocks tend to take a life of their own. And value and color are both something to keep in mind as we work. Notice how all the blocks on the outside read dark and the ones in the center read as mediums. 


Sharon is ambitious - she's working on TWO quilts. The first one is black and white. Several people are using Tula's Line Works fabric collection, which is black and white with hints of color. 


Her second quilt is more interesting. She really has the values happening, NOT so much the color. We had a grand discussion about this version and how she should proceed. Sorry - you have to be in the class to get all the details, but let's wait and see where she goes with this one. 


Wendy is doing purple and green. I LOVE this color combination, and I think it's going to look gorgeous as the greens blend with the purples in the middle of the quilt. 


Here are my blocks for this month—some pretty hot colors in there. 


This is what my quilt looks like so far. It's HOT!! I'm thrilled with the colors and the transitions. 

And now this is my version after I've added this month's blocks. I'm not keen on the greens that I've added. I've got a wee bit of work to do and will rework a block or two! That's the joy of working blind. I say blind because I just literally picked colors from the scrap boxes and didn't pay too much attention to how they looked. Well - seeing them on the wall is another story!

My version with 40 blocks

Well, that's homework from half of the class. Let's hope that the rest of the class will have some show and tell for next month!!

So if you want to get in on the fun of these classes, and since they'll be on Zoom, you can be anywhere - there's going to be more coming. I'll have some new ones starting in September/October and a couple more starting in January!!

On that note, I'm out of here. I have a few more pictures to edit - a couple of seams to sew, and then I'll be ready for the next class at 10 AM!!!

Have a super day!!!!


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